Progressive MS Research Video

I thought others may be interested in this video too - it’s very upbeat and a good summary of the current international drive in research into progressive MS.

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Thanks for that Lapwing.

So much research going on in the progressive MS world! Heartening!

Pat xx

They’re also writing new booklets to give to people to people with PPMS which I’m very pleased about as the general ms ones concentrate on RR and the treatments for it, which is not very positive for newly dx PP. I think they’re taking us into consideration more now.

Cath x

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Sorry I can’t get the video to play, is there another way I can access it?

Jan x

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I’ve found it


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Thank you.

I’ve added it to my favourites, to listen to later


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Thank you Lawing,

Sounds very promising!

Nina x

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Thanks Lawing keeping fingers crossed but sounds really promising. Robert.