Progressive MS conference-North Wales-06 may

Hello all,progressive MS conference - North Wales - 06 may 2017

Nothing like leaving it until the last minute but if anyone else from this forum is going to the above-mentioned conference and would like to make their presence known to me I shall be there in the electric wheelchair with a rather attractive lady as companion.

I go under the name of Stephen Foster…

I know this is a bit of a cheeky request, but if you discover anything interesting at the conference today could I ask you to post it - I’m not really near enough to get to the conference.


Jo x

Sorry Steven, just read this post & already seen the traffic this Saturday. The day of folks looking at me like I’m a drunk has done me in. The what’s up with your leg or legs explanations get very boring after a few years. Getting a sign I can carry around to explain my situation, entices the argumentative folks.

Have a great conference. I’m not sure what good anything can do these days. The phrase, the blind leading the blind, springs to mind. I’d love to know what these conferences do. Even the mention of money makes me check my bank account. Then I hear the paranoid chit chat. After the fact anything is being stolen to justify everything. I dare not even think for myself these days.


Hello all, reporting in!

So the whole thing was all rather jolly, meeting fellow progressive MS-ers in various stages of debilitation (which may well leave the newly diagnosed a bit despondent…)

You are also given a ‘MS delegate’ wristband in case you wandered off and got lost or to prevent gatecrashers…

It was very well organised by the MS Conwy and North Denbighshire group with a printed itinerary which started at 10 AM with registration including tea and coffee with freshly baked pastries followed by a keynote speaker namely Dr Paolo Muraro (a clinical reader in neuro immunology - University of Rome) the bottom line being that there might be,repeat ‘might be’, something in the pipeline in the future for the newly diagnosed but for the rest of us… It was all the same old, same old, but in a different accent! Charming man however.

At 11:45 AM we had another keynote speaker from the CRAMMS (Cognitive Rehabilitation for Retention and Memory in People with Multiple Sclerosis) for which this eminent person has a degree in clinical psychology and a PhD from the University of London… 'Er, with all due respect it just seemed commonsense and something of a qualification we could all aspire to. It did however make you look forward to lunch!

After a decent buffet lunch there were two ‘workshops’ one was a gentleman with over 20 years experience in teaching the health benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong. His name is Peter Newton and he is certainly flexible enough and he offered some wheelchair exercises that would benefit us. Thanks Peter.

The second one was from a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Neurology who is committed to supporting patients to achieve their potential through exercise and activity ably supported by my local OT.

As I say it was all very convivial and well-meaning but as others had remarked, nothing new to report.

The conference itself was on the first floor at Venue Cymru which affords wonderful views of the sea for when your mind tended to drift but it also meant there was congestion around the one and only barely-wheelchair-friendly lift for the less perambulatory amongst us making for long tailbacks for the 80 or so delegates! Fortunately I was near the front!

Regards, Stephen

Thanks Stephen, if nothing else the thought of gatecrashers at an MS conference was amusing!

But how disappointing there was nothing new. I should be used to it by now though.

Jo x