OMS Diet and Ocrevus (ocrelizumab)

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I hope everyone is OK.

A couple of questions, if I may?

  • Has anyone tried the Overcoming MS diet and is it any good? I’m interested being as healthy as I can be, but wanted to know if anyone else had tried it.

  • Ocrevus - Early this year I suffered a bad relapse (my third this year) in April which lead to a loss of mobility in my legs. I feel I am slowly beginning to recover, although I still need walking sticks, frames and a wheelchair to get around. The team don’t know whether this is my new baseline or not, so I’m taking as much advice and help as I can. However, the neurologist suggested I change my medication from Tecfidera to Ocrevus to help fight future relapses. I have a blood test scheduled for Ocrevus in late November. Has anyone changed from Tecfidera to Ocrevus? Any issues or problems and does it work?

I’m a bit nervous changing from a oral medication to infusion, but I guess if it reduces the relapses, it is worth shot.

As ever, thank you for listening.

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More by accident than design, as I actually prefer a diet of fish, fruit and vegetables, which is pretty similar to OMS. I doubt it will do much to help MS, but must improve general health and that can only be a good thing. No harm in seeing if it suits you.

Thank you! I agree, anything is worth trying isn’t it.

Sorry I can’t really help with the drug issue, but there are links to a couple of facebook groups in this thread that might be useful.

OMS Diet i bought the book, was so confused as it contradicted another MS diet.

In the end I gave it to charity shop. Way too much information lol.

I am like Whammel i kind of just more by accident then design moved into my normal roots of eating, coming from a Mediterranean mum, (italian), i eat a lot of fish and chicken, tons of fruit and veg, oh yes and olives lol and i drink loads of water and keep hydrated. I dont drink alcohol, or smoke.

I am as gluten free as i can be as i came back positive for sensitivity, and I drink koko milk fortified with B12 and D2. My doctor when she does my bloods always tells me they show I am in good shape.

I just think eat healthy especially on the drugs like Ocrevus.