Hello warriors!

I have had a very stable MS on Tecfidera for a couple of years with limited symptoms and a quasi « normal » life. I suffered a relapse in January (first one since on DMT) with heavy symptoms and a new lesion. Decision was taken to switch me to Ocrelizumab. I am starting on Friday (first infusion) and I am slightly terrified…

Has anyone had experience of the infusion process / side effects?



Update: received the first infusion last Friday…nothing to report :slight_smile: All went smoothly

Good to hear that

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i’m going to be going on to ocrevus in june so this is great to hear. Thanks for sharing, glad it went well

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The first dose is split in 2 infusions, two weeks apart. I’ll have the second one early April and will keep you posted!

so far so good.

Hope all goes well with your infusions. Will be very interested to hear how you are doing. All the best.

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Second dose was as easy as the first one. I have been feeling really good and the absence of daily medication is such a relief.

good luck to those of you who have chosen this medication. Real checkpoint will be my next MRI in August!