Ocrelizumab (Ocrevus) - any experience

good evening,

i was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago and following a discussion with the MS nurse I’m considering Ocrelizumab (Ocrevus) as my treatment option. The nurse did say it was really new but I wondered if anyone had any experience of it?

many thanks


Hi Susie, I was diagnosed with Relapse Remitting MS in 2006 and never was on any DMT, but recently had relapse and now have active Relapses so I have been also given the option of taking Ocrelizumab or Alemtuzumab. The are very effective in slowing down progression but have higher risks. I still cant decide what to go for, have you decided yet or are you on Ocrelizumab yet? could you kindly keep me posted on it should you decide to take that as your DMT. I am also searching for anyone that is on either of these DMTs. thank you and wishing you all the best healings :0)

Try looking at the forum on A lot of people have taken the various drugs for highly active MS, including Ocrevus.

Best of luck. If either of you do opt for Ocrevus, please post on here with your experiences.


Hi, i’m really sorry for the delay in responding - you’ve probably made your decision now. I have indeed decided to go ahead with Ocrelizumab and I’m due to start treatment on 9 January with the second dose on 23rd January.

My biggest worry is that it supresses the immune system, which most MS drugs do I think. I have a 1 year old that brings home a different bug every week from nursery so i’ll just have to see how i get on!

How are you?


Hi, I am in the same boat. My Neologist has recommend Ocrelizumab as treatment for me. As this is a new drug there is very little info available and my hospital currently has no patients using this drug. I would be interested to hear how you are getting on with the treatment. Hope you are feeling well