Overcoming MS (OMS)

I have recently stumbled upon OMS which is a 7 step recovery plan of MS. It all sounds a little too good to be true but I’m currently reading the book and listening to a podcast and evidence suggests that it really works! I was just wondering if anyone had given it a go or heard about it? Thank you!

Hi Mrs Happy, I started OMS Two Months ago, I’m still working past a relapse at the moment but do feel better in myself already, more energy, better thinking etc! They do however say it can take 3 - 4 years to notice a real difference in relapses. I would really recommend it, a lot of people moan and whine about MS, which is completely our right to do so but I think if we are doing something for ourselves like this it gives us hope and something to work on and gives us less to moan about!

hi mrs happy

OMS is a good read, very positive.

i have tried to amend my diet but unfortunately i went right off oily fish.

i cut out all processed food and now cook from scratch with whole food ingredients.

i’m “doing my little best”.

Hi, I too have just started OMS about a month ago. I am not ‘evangelical’ about it; I don’t expect it to cure me and am not going to be too hard on myself if I can’t keep it up! That said I am finding it quite easy currently. The most difficult part is eating out-I haven’t found it hard finding vegan or fish options but they are invariably fried or served with chips, I also find other people find it hard to get their heads round the rules (my husband keeps saying but chips etc ARE vegan lol!) Also the book is very hard going-I am only half way through and fear I will need to start again as I have forgotten most of it! I do however feel the best I have felt for as long as I can remember and have more energy and less fatigue. I have also found myself back in the kitchen making bread and discovering vegan 'workarounds’which I have really been enjoying plus I have lost a few pounds already. Whilst it continues to be fun and rewarding I shall continue. If it starts to become more trouble than it is worth I will stop.

Hi. I’ve just started the Swank Diet again for the third time. I think it’s easier than OMS (have both books) because you can have white chicken and fish.

Apparently OMS is a kind of spin off from Swank. Feel serious about it this time since my recent 67th birthday/SPMS confirmation last year/ review with neuro last week/realisation that I want to stay the same MS wise (if not better) in three years time when I turn 70!

I’ve done a lot of ‘homework’ on it over the last few days -I can do it at home, it’s eating out which is going to be tricky. I hear you, Belle69!

Anyone here doing Swank?