Olfactory hallucinations?

Hi all, On Saturday night I fell over in my bathroom. I hit my head quite hard. I spent a minute on the floor before I got up. When I stood up, I could smell a chemical smell in my nose but knew there was nothing that could make it. It went after about five minutes. Just now I stood up from the sofa and had it again, and my partner couldn’t smell anything. We looked online and it’s an olfactory hallucination. I then found an article and this woman was saying she gets it with her MS. So I’m wondering, was it the bang to the head that did it or MS? Does anyone else have any experience of this? Thanks

Hello tingly_badger,

You are not alone in this one, it’s also known as phantosmia and I’m pretty sure we’ve discussed it on the forum before.

For some time now, I have occasionally been smelling honey when there’s none around, I feel sure mine is MS related and have discussed it with my nurse; however, as you’ve had a bang on the head I think you should mention it to a medic. It’s never a good idea to self diagnose.


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