Old symptoms from several years ago back again

I woke up today with numbness in my spine which has been persistent for a couple of months now.

Pins and needles started spreading from the area of numbness to my left shoulder and arm and then after about 15 min it spread to my right half. My forehead is numb from both sides. I have also been having symptoms suggestive of trigeminal neuralgia.

The pins and needles have spread across my rib cage, I am on a few medications but I guess they don't work when symptoms flare up.

Should I attend hospital or should I visit my GP? who won't be able to do much anyway.

You should at least report it.  You are probably right they won't be able to do much.

But judging by the forum you have chosen to post on, I'm guessing you remain undiagnosed?

If so, a resurgence of old symptoms is an important piece of evidence on your path (hopefully) to eventual diagnosis.  So you need to get it on your files, whether or not you receive, or even want, treatment for it.


Hi Anon x I don't know what to advise there! It depends on several things - Have you been diagnosed with MS or are you being investigated for it?

I got to the point waiting for so long for a neuro appointment that I even cosidered driving myself down town and throwing myself on the floor in the hope that I'd be carted off to hospital & get the tests etc done quicker!!!

To be honest the way things are in A&E if you did a walk in I don't know if you would get seen/treated sooner than the GP!

However!!!! If you have numbness own the side and pain in the head then those could be symptoms of something serious like a stroke - so personally I'd be on my way now to rule it out! But those are just my thoughts xxxxxxxjenxxx