Should I be worried? I've got progressive numbness

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if I need to be worried about a fairly new symptom. I had a mildly numb right hand and forearm on Saturday. This progressed to my whole arm on Sunday and stayed like that until this morning. Now I have numbness across my right breast, back and abdomen - this is only on the right side.

I’m due to see my neurologist on Monday, so I was going to ask about this then. I am in no pain (well my thumb tip is a little tender but that’s all) and I still have the sensation of touch and pain. It’s just a numbness under the skin.

Just so you’re aware, I am recovering from 6th nerve palsy in my right eye (with a gladiolinium enhanced lesion to fit with the double vision), had paralysis in my legs a year ago and am waiting for the results of my LP which is exptected to confirm MS.

Should I get to my GP or await my appt with the neurologist on Monday? I’m erring towards the latter.

Thanks everyone for reading and please let me know your thoughts! This forum is so kind and helpful.

Stardust x

Hi Stardust, I think your ‘gut feeling’ to wait and see neuro is probably right.

Thing to ask yourself always is “will the GP be able to do anything”? I think in this case the answer is no. So not much point in going.

I know that kind of numbness. Very strange as you say you do have feeling on the skin but the numbness is just underneath. I often get it over my hips and across tummy.

Good luck with the neuro. I’m assuming you would like a diagnosis… so I will hope you get one. It can be such an enormous relief to come out of limbo-land and have a definite reason for symptoms.

Pat x

Hi Stardust

I think you’re right about the gut instinct I’d probably try and wait to see the neuro on monday. If any thing gets drastically worse over the weekend you always have the option of A&E but otherwise I’d wait it out.

Hope you feel better soon and get closer to an official diagnosis on Monday - Pat hit the nail on the head with what she said.



Thanks Pat, you make a very good point. What would the GP do?! The numbnesss is odd, but isn’t actually causing me problems so I will stick with plan A.

Re the diagnosis, I have been told by the neuro that he thinks I have MS - he thinks I was mis-diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrom last year and that it was my first relapse. He basically said he’s doing the LP in order to be sure, and then he wants me on interferons. While I am nervous and a bit scared of the diagnosis, I have come to terms with the idea it’s MS. I have so many questions now as I’ve been waiting a couple of months since the nerve palsy - I’m ready (or think I am) for the next chapter of this… the positive thing is that if I have MS, I have an illness that is well understood in comparison to the alternative which is something rare and complex, with no idea as to the prognosis.

I should find out tomorrow or Monday - eeek


All the best with the neuro,and I personally would sit it out until you see him.

One of the advantages of limbo is it does give you time to mentally prepare,but dont forget if you do get the dx and it hits you harder than you think,make sure whoever goes with you asks the questions you wanted answers to.

Anything else ask your cyber army of support on here and there is always someone who knows the answer or at least also has the strange symptom etc themselves.

Take care


Well Stardust however much we think we are prepared actually hearing the words is still a shock… but you’ll cope ok. As pip says, come on here and we will all be ready to give you support and advice and big (((((((((((hugs)))))))))).

Of course there is the chance that you won’t get the dx, but all the above applies either way.

Not long now till Monday hon. Try and relax if at all possible.

Pat x

I also think you’re right to wait for the neuro.

I hope it goes well!

Btw, given the number of relapses that you are having, you might be eligible for Gilenya or Tysabri - definitely worth asking the neuro. They get much better results than the injectable DMDs.

Karen x

Thanks so much everybody - this support network is just fantastic.

I will let you know how it goes either tomorrow or Monday xx