Old MRI Report! recommendations ignored!!!

Hi All,

Due to my ongoing symptoms:

Seizuires, unsteady gait, ataxia, respitory issues, spasms, jerks, numbness, headaches and cognitive impairment.

In brief, had loads of test last year and neuro said “it is not M.S, I don’t now what it is” and discharged me. I have since become worse, still with the above symptoms, I now have vomiting but only in the mornings (defo not pregnant) I assumed it was the new vitamin D3 supplement prescribed to me?, the sickenss seems better now ive stoppped taking it, very strange indeed. Anyway I now have terrible dizziness, blurry vision on and off and generally feel dreadfull. I had a bout of optic neuritis a few weeks ago, although resolved itself, nothing has been done.

My G,p has not referred back to neuro, nor has he sent me for a VEP, instead he suggested an eye clininc that doesnt perform VEP?

I requested my previous reports which I now have. I understand the report fairly well ,and to my understanding 6 hypertensities (bright spots) in various regions of the brian marked as non specific, except the other possibilties that the radiologist raised has been ruled out stroke/vascular,ruled out ,head injury, never had so much as a bump,infection - ruled out, and the other was demyliniation, again ruled out by the neuro himself.

I have narrowing of the spine too.

The gob smacking thing is,where I had spaticity movements while undergoing the brain and spine scan, it caused some blurriness quite bad in some areas of the images, the radiologist said it needed repeating to be able to give more accurate report and images. This was my first MRI dated may 2012.

Basically since then I been left to suffer and been very poorly, I have just very recently had a brain mri without contrast and no spine scan carried out either.

I saw my G.p and he denied ever receiving the report and that it went direct to the consultant neuro, which is to be expected, my g.p read the old fax or whatever the thing was, the neuro only stated I did not have m.s, motor neuron or limbic enphacilitis, but said two lesions were prominent in the front lobes. well the front lobes were indicated in the report but so was 4 other lesions! and still it has not been repeated! what do I do now?, my G.P still has not done the VEP or Spine scan referral!!!

Sorry but I am appalled and worried it may be more a tumor rather than M.S, i’ve treid to ask these questions but my G,p says wait for the next result, which is fine, my argument is it shouldn’t take 18months to repeat approriate test, especially when the radiologist made it clear. Any thoughts guys, thanks

Bump, hope you get an answer xx

Hi Melnic

I’m sorry you’re having such a horrible time.

Have you thought about contacting PALS to make a complaint?

They are generally very good at getting things sorted and moving in the right direction. It does sound like things have been messed up or overlooked, and you need some answers if you are still poorly.

Good luck xx

Hi, I did contact Pals who advised me to speak to my surgery practise manager, which is all well, but my G.p called the other day and he was somewhat tetchy, as A&E wrote him a letter advising to refer me back to a neuro. My G.p says his waiting for my MRI results, due this week. So I’ve held fire, until I get the results, if I’m not happy then, I’ll see the practise manager I guess, more grief that I don’t need at the moment.

change surgery! It took me 4 changes until I hit the jackpot. I have a fab/v efficient Dr now:-)

change surgery! It took me 4 changes until I hit the jackpot. I have a fab/v efficient Dr now:-)