OK... Now I'm starting to get worried...

So I had my brain and spine Mri last Tuesday and today my neurologist called me to say that there are lesions consistent with demyelination in my brain. I have to have repeat of spine because apparently I was moving too much (I got a Tickly cough) and although there appeared to be a spinal lesion she wanted repeat imaging. I’ve also got to go to a London hospital to have a lumbar puncture, evoked potential tests and she wants me examined by an opthalmologist as well. Hmmmm I was kinda expecting… I dunno… Not that… A bit freaked if I’m honest.

Well, you’re neurologist is being thorough and pushing things along briskly and hurrah for that: there’s no use spending more time than you must, hanging around wondering. With luck, you should get a bit of clarity before too long. In the meantime, hang on tight as you are powered through the medical roller-coaster.

Good luck with it all.


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Hiya Lou

It does sound as though your neurologist is looking at an MS diagnosis. All the tests she’s referring you for, following an MRI which shows lesions evident of demyelination, are the expected tests to rule in or out an MS diagnosis.

But, the good news is that getting an MS diagnosis now is very different to say 20 or more years ago. There are scads of different disease modifying drugs (DMDs) now, which aim to reduce the number of relapses you experience, and so reduce the damage to your nervous system.

It does seem that your neurologist is very thorough and is referring you for all the relevant tests simultaneously.

For your sake, I hope you don’t get an MS diagnosis (or anything worse), but at least the diagnostic process is moving forward quickly. It shouldn’t take too long before you have an answer.

Best of luck.