Official diagnosis and now DMD'S choices

Hi everyone, Hope you’re all as well as can be expected. Well on Tuesday I got the diagnosis of a lupus like condition and the rheumatologist is writing a letter to the gp to start me on a treatment plan. And yesterday I also got the firm diagnosis of ms as well. I’ve got rrms which I had already known as it was previously mentioned and now I’ve got the option of DMD’s. I’ve got the choice of interferons (got the choice of 4- avonex, rebif, copoxane, betaferon) or also got the choice of tysabri. I’m pretty sure I’m going for tysabri - the consultant is arranging when the JC virus test is happening - then I’m going to get that and see what the results show. I’m pretty sure I’m going for the tysabri even if the results are positive but worth getting the test done. So now the next stage is that both consultants are writing to the gp - the rheumatologist will write with the prescription and then I will start that when the gp has received it - have to have my eyes checked every year as it has side effects that can damage the eye. So now my next step is to phone the dvla this morning and my car insurance company. Thing that’s the only things I need to do (don’t have CIC). Is there anything else I need to remember to do? Thanks x

Yes…rest and eat chocolate !! Seriously though, big hugs from me. Catherine xx

Thanks Catherine xx

I am so sorry about your dx. It’s bad enough having one condition but having two must be daunting. Enjoy that chocolate.

Take care

Wendy x

tysabri ! You need to be really bad to use that. Please read about it before deciding to use it. This drug can be fatal for some people.

Thanks BE I’ve done my research and its the best option for me for a year at least. And my rrms isn’t great so best to treat it aggressively as I’ve had a few episodes that have been quite severe in the past 15 months