Today was the day!

Hi, everyone well today was the day i got told i have MS. I wasnt even that upset i knew it was coming. Think i have cried enough in the last few months but then again it might just hit me in a few days i dont no but will have deal with what ever happens. My husband has been great took me home lit the fire and made me dinner! Lol I was told i will be put on a waiting list for meds and the MS nurse would contact me soon and that i would have to pick one just looking advise on how other people are getting on with different meds and how the whole process works. Any advice would be great. Thanks, Charlene

Hi and sorry to hear about your dx, but glad you have some answers and can move forward. There are lots of different meds, the website is a useful tool when choosing. There is no one size fits all, so can just be a bit of trial and error. If you pick a drug that doesn’t suit you, you will be able to change later on. Best of luck with whatever you chose and I hope it keeps the ms away! Lx

Hi Only DX myself 2 months ago, although knew it was coming. Started tysabri week ago, hooray. As already said the ms decisions site is great, and I also used u- tube as well , lot of info from people actually using DMD’s. Take care and give it time Gray xx

Thanks Leora and Gray i will get reading and hopefully be more informed by the time the ms nurse calls me! Scary times as i am afraid of needles but i will have to get over that by the looks of it! Thanks again really have found this forum great threw all this. X