Odd symptoms

Hello all,

Firstly thanks to those who will read this.

I’ve alread been diagnosed with chronic lumbar arthritis nearly two years ago, this was shown on an MRI scan at the time. I was naturally put on different forms of medication to relieve the pain. However, having visited the doctors no end of times, and attending pain management classes etc, my symptoms started to change. One brilliant doctor noticed that along with my back pain I may have been showing some neurogical symptoms.

On a daily basis I get spasms in my back and in my legs. The spasms themselves feel like sports cramps and I know it sounds daft but I almost feel like I want to punch my legs to loosen them up. On numerous occasions if I raise a leg slightly to put a sock on or cross my legs they begin to wave, if that makes sense. My big toe on the right foot is numb,naturally I put this down to sciatica due to my back. I also have trouble writing, when i say that it’s due to sudden moves in my hand. The shock like spasms are really annoying.

I have a daily headache, it’s very dull but gives me the horrible nausea feeling. I’ll also admit I’ve been having a few tears recently, thats something I have never done due to being in a roughty tufty type of job, the last time was at the birth of my daughter 17 years ago!.

Memory wise I have to say that this is really worrying me. I have a job that requires me to use my brain heavily, however, more recently I cannot seem to take as much information in. I try to read things that were once very simple but it just doesn’t register, as such I have to keep reading it, even emails are harder to read. It’s a funny thing to say but I almost feel outside of myself.

Another problem is vision. On a daily basis I seem to get foggy eyes, it’s a bit like when you wake and have the usual sleepy eyes before you wash or shower/bath etc. The problem with my eyes seems to be mainly in my left eye, however, on many occasions when I try to focus it’s almost like I’m going bozz eyed, I then move away and try to re-focus again.

In thr shared office where I work I feel distant, more focused on my body than listening to others. Again it’s like the outside looking in kind of feeling.

Fatigue is also a big issue. although I am on strong pain medication I am far more tired now, I have dasy when a bath and a shave are hard. On many occasions I have to lay down for a while.

Going back to the brilliant doctor I saw. Due to the symptoms I was showing an MRI was arranged for my head. The result of the MRI showed pericallosal high signal lesions, raising the suspicion of inflammatory aetiology. Dueto this a Lumbar Puncture has been arranged for me at Colchester General Hospital. I don’t mind saying that I’m not looking forward to that, just about everyone I’ve spoken to says it’s awful!.

I also have a concern that I won’t be able to put the aforementioned symptoms across.

Could someone tell me if the symptoms I mentioned look like MS. Also could anyone tell me about the Lumbar Puncture procedure itself, do you get the chance to tell the people doing the procedure how you feel too?. Is it worth keeping a diary and giving it to them?.

It’s a very worrying period of my life, no doubt you are or were worried about the symptoms and diagnosis. I appreciate any help you could give me with regards to what the symptoms look like and the lumbar puncture.

Thanks very much

Hi Davywavy, I can’t comment much, as I’m only at the ‘waiting for the first neurologist appointment’ stage but I do recommend keeping a dated symptom diary. I’ve been doing this for a year now and thanks to the good advice from the kind folk here, took an abbreviated version with me when I went to see my GP. Also, focussing on the five most concerning symptoms helps as well. I also have a numb right big toe, mainly on the side and end if it. I get calf cramps and muscle twitches all over - feels like I just cannot relax. Poor memory, too. Also feelung a bit thick, yup. I’m getting words and sounds scrambled sometimes. It sounds like they are doing all they can to diagnose you. Although the procedures are not comfortable (I hear) they are designed to help. Being a holistic therapist I can recommend trying some form of complementary therapy alongside the allopathic (conventional) treatment as it may help you to cope emotionally. Wishing you clarity and calm ~

Its sounds as though you are going through a difficult time mate, physically and emotionally…hang in there. On the positive side things are happening for you on the medical front, hopefully you’ll get some answers soon.

I have definintely found that I too focus on me and my health somewhat too much, I feel distant from the world, almost consumed by my worries and in my own little world of anxiety. Recently I’ve tried to be more positive, trying not to dwell so much, it does help to distract yourself with activities and for me my kids :wink:

Good luck

Thanks Reikiblossom and Cerilia, your replies are much appreciated.

I’ve decided to start doing the diary, lordy lord todays bodily movement could become an international best seller!. It’s quite funny but even nipping to a work kitchen today my right leg was giving way, that was then joined by a feeling of something doing circles in my skull, that was even followed a couple of times by an ice cold feeling going down my left leg!. Honest to god the ice cold feeling made me think i’d had an accident, think I was 7 the last time that happened…then a few times in the army…and this one time…haha!.

I’d love to try some complimentary therapy as you mention Reiki and as you say Cerilia I defo need to focus on other things now. It’s just odd when I can’t control my world so to speak, the everyday trivial things are harder to do and it’s that what really annoys me.

I’m watching Emmerdale now and my calf pain is at it again, why i feel like punching my legs is beyond me!. Emmerdale is pretty good tonight though so theres hope in the world :wink:

Do not worry about LP. Nobody looks forward to it, but most people (me included) are just fine. I hope you get some answers soon. Alison

Thank you Alison, much appreciated :wink:

Well I’ve had the Lumbar Puncture this week. All I can say is that the neurologist who did it and the 3 nurses looking after me were a credit to the NHS.

As I bent over the pillow one nurse comforted me by rubbing my arms, next thing I felt was the prick from the local they gave me to numb the spot, bit like a wasp sting but nothing to write home about. After a few minutes wait he did the procedure and got what he wanted. He showed me the liquid and I was amazed how clear it was, even he said it was ‘Gin like’ in clarity.

I was then told to lay down for 2-3 hours, I drifted off care of the Diazepam, coupled with the dose I take already, in fact I drifted too much as it set the alarm off lol!

He did briefly mention MS with regards to what they were looking for so I asked if it would explain the pericallosal high signal lesions, raising the suspicion of inflammatory aetiology the MRI showed a while back. He did say it would explain things so thats a bonus.

So all I have to do now is wait and wait for the results…it’s just one big waiting game!!!