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I have had symptoms since 2010, not that I put that all together, it was like fatigue, burning feet, cramps, leg would jerk suddenly at night time, nauseous, memory loss, balance issues, just feeling I guess flat. Went to get tested for MS as my sister and brother have MS. MRI showed a couple of small lesions yet my vitamin D was extremely low, so neurologist put my symptoms down to that. Told me to come back if my symptoms got worse. Well as I have had symptoms on and off but not severe. I have had eye trouble where it feels like pressure build up behind the eye then for a few days really sore vision blurry, it goes away then right eye does the same just after, put it down to computer fatigue and an eye injury that never got treated when wire went straight through the eye. My back is extremely painful and gets spasms, I put that down to a back injury I got a couple of years ago. My joints constantly ache arthritis I was told. Even my fingertips are painful, oh and the extreme itchy feet where I scratch until it bleeds.

3 months ago I thought I had a virus went to doctors and basically told him I was feeling really fatigued, joints ache and feel flat. He ran an antibody test, where inductors were elevated which he said I had some infection going on, and wanted to run them in two weeks time, he called me in as they had more them doubled and said I had indicators that I have an autoimmune illness. He said Fibromyalgia possibly or even though he didn’t say it he said neurologist and based on family history in same sentence so I know he is suspecting MS. I am feeling better back at work even if I am sitting and have droppped my hours, and Sunday I cleaned the house by myself for first time in three months, without needing my nana nap, took me 12 hours to do though. Here is a list of some of the symptoms that I have as started to write them down. My memory is not that great. I work in retail and have to be so careful as I sometimes don’t recognise the currency for a split second it confuses me, mistakes I have to get supervisor to help me with as I can’t figure them out, mental maths strong point is fading.

My list

really have to go back to fix it up. Yet 3 months ago went to doctor as I felt so drained and thought I had a virus, like my daughter

This is a list of symptoms I have experience for in the last 3 months except the eye pressure. Have been getting like a headache behind my left eye. I know I don’t have a brain tumour as have had a CT scan and all clear. My symptoms are now starting to go and in the last week and a half been able to go to work, and even though my hours have been cut and I am sitting down, it isn’t totally wiping me out. Even managed to clean the house on Sunday, without feeling overwhelmed at the job, as washing a few dishes, showering or making a bed was such an effort and exhausting.

extreme heat makes me feel ill and I guess you could say fatigued or low energy, and pins and needles.

Cold makes my joints hurt, even my finger tips or my bones in my feet. My calf muscle gets extremely tight and I find that I gobble around sometimes because my legs are so painful.

Any way here is my list, should I be concerned

Sunday morning balance was off

Sunday afternoon, again numbness down left side of arm and leg.

Felt like body was shaking or trembling from the inside. Felt dizzy and felt like room was moving/spinning.

During the last week and last few days.

Head feels fuzzy ( yet coming from the outside) hard to explain.

Noticed a bruise on arm Monday, no

idea how it happened.

Pins and needles in hands and feet worse on the left.

Extreme back pain stabbing sensation again on the left side.

Fingertips felt icy cold, but didn’t feel like it to the touch.

Foot (left) felt icy cold but it wasn”t to the touch.

Yesterday at work pins and needles,

Really bad pins and needles yesterday in right leg,.

Sweating and feeling extremely hot as if it was 40 degrees and very humid.

Hands cramping and numbness in fingertips.spinning sensation 2 hours into working.

Lips tingling.

At work fatigue and general feeling of being unwell. Come home sleep.

Yesterday could see spots out of the corner of my eye, only lasted a couple of minutes.

Last night

Stomach felt like it had a pressure bandage around it, near ribs , downwards, was quite painful.

This morning wake up feeling unwell,

with severe diarrhoea, and feeling weak no energy, can’t sit up for long.

8:08 this morning

Pins and needles in left hand if I touch fingers together sensation more noticeable Ring finger and little finger, radiating up to forearm.

Was asked about eyesight replied didn’t think so.

Yet thinking about it I used to comment how when looking at a computer screen how sometimes it felt like I was looking at it through smoke or fog, or really dirt glasses. Started commenting around late last year)

Also used to get from time to time, pressure behind the eye, where the pain was really bad and eye would go blurry for a few days, thought it was a burst blood vessel, then after that one healed up my other eye would go, thought it was due to eye strain due to not being able to see with the other for those few days. Always started on the left. Or both eyes would get so sore they would water so bad and burning behind the eyes, thought eye strain, and lying down with eyes close for a few hours seemed to help them come back to normal.

Incontience like I need to go without warning.

Explosive diarrhoea

Extreme stomach pain where takes breath away or takes me awhile to stand due to pain so intense.feeling of fullness and tightness.

Somedays feels like having heart attack, chest feels very tight like someone is constructing it and crushing me. Feeling as if someone has there hand on my back

Hello Babybug

Obviously, no one on here can say ‘oh that sounds like MS’, or of course the reverse.

I suggest you go back to your GP and ask both to have your vitamin D level checked and to be referred back to a neurologist. As you’ve said you showed a couple of lesions but also that you had a vitamin D deficiency, as well as having two siblings with MS, it would be sensible to be looked at again by a neurologist.

Your list of symptoms sounds a bit on and off for them all to be caused by MS as MS symptoms generally don’t switch on and off and some of what you’re experiencing does seem to come and go. But saying that, really you need to have a neurologist examine you and perhaps send you for another MRI and maybe other tests.

Best of luck with it.


Thanks for the reply and yes don’t expect anyone to say one way or another.

I have a hard time explaining my symptoms in order let alone correctly, my vitamin D, tests for thyroid, etc diabetes, think iron, and every thing in between were all clear, all except the test they run on antibodies which can’t remember what that test was. Yet they ran that twice within two weeks which more then doubled, which confirmed I have an autoimmune illness just now to find out what. Was tested for Lupus which is now ruled out.

My symptoms, I guess I used to or still do say good days and bad days. In the last 3 months going on four I have had a week and a half good days, in saying that can manage to do things and symptoms aren’t clearly as noticeable.

as I am going through the public system it is taking time, to get in to see a neurologist, as I have tracked down my neurologist

I will go back to my GP to request a referral to go back and see her. My memory is getting worse, my initial worry was I had early onset of Alzheimer’s which thankfully has been ruled out. I have had symptoms I should say gradually worsening since 2010, yet it has only been in the last three months/4 months that the symptoms have really become I guess severe, with the pins and needles, prickly feel, fatigue really struggle with, memory loss, fuzzy head, lips tingling which is a new one, joint and muscle pain, even down to big toe and fingertips, the cramping of hands have got quite bad. Lately a good day is when I don’t have a nana nap lol.

Thanks for your input, yes my list is all over the place, which isn’t in order as my sister who has MS told me to try and make a timeline from when the first strange symptom appeared. Just haven’t really done it just really jotted down a list of symptoms I have or have had, so my doctor will be able to look over it.

As I have had pneumonia 9 times and a back injury as well as eye injury I put it all down to the effects of those issues.when I went to the drs initially thought I had the viral infection my daughter had previously, and as I was talking to him, about what was going on over those couple of weeks, and he started asking more about those symptoms and family history, still never clicked that I may have fibromyalgia or MS ( the two he wants me to get checked out) DR told me I had a long road ahead of me with tests though. Time will tell I guess.

Whatever it may turn out to be be I am normally a take the bull by it’s horn and deal with each day as it comes, as whatever I may be diagnosed with I can’t change the fact.

Thanks again for replying