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I have not been diagnosed with MS and until tonight never thought that this might be the answer. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with neuropathy in arms and legs but not feet. I have never taken medication for this as it hasn’t been too bad. My primary problem that sent me to the neurologist was a swollen area on my outer thigh that caused a burning, tingling, numb feeling. I have been to gp, surgeon, ortho, rheumatologist, and neuro for this place and no one knows what it is but it was determined that I have neuropathy but that is not what is causing this place. An MRI shows nothing is there but it is clearly visible - they all saw it so I’m not imagining that it is there. Masssage therapy does help with the discomfort but only temporarily and I cannot afford to do this all the time.

Then last year, I was diagnosed with severe dry eye that they thought was caused by an allergic reaction to glaucoma drops. I was sent to the rheumatologist for bloodwork and all was normal. I went for a second and third opinion as I couldn’t see to work, drive, read, etc. I truly thought I was going to loose my vision. All doctors said was just use drops and live with it the best you can. The last two doctors didn’t think I had glaucoma after all - just an overcautious eye doctor due to borderline high eye pressure and a strong family history of glaucoma. The prescribed eyedrops and gels for dry eye seemed to only make matters worse. Now I treat this with essential oils placed on my temples. I do NOT put this in my eyes. This works most days and my vision has returned pretty much to normal.

The last several weeks the tip of my nose has been tingling and sort of numb feeling. It feels like it did when I had shingles in my left eye and down my nose a few years ago but not as painful and without the headache and rash. Today my upper lip right below my nose was numb for a while. Also my right eye feels like there is something in the inside corner but there is not.

And in the past few months, I have noticed the tingling, numbness in the thigh is happening on the other thigh in the exact same place. Years ago, I was told that I might have fibromyalgia so I asked my gp if these swollen lump places were related to fibromyalgia, she said definitely not and that she doesn’t believe that I have that. She is one of the local best for fibromyalgia.

I have had benign familial tremors all of my life and take three different meds so that I am able to work. My dad, brothers, grandmother, uncle all have had this so I don’t think its related. My grandfather had Parkinson’s. The other grandfather and my mom had severe neuropathy in their feet. I have a distant family member with MS. Just attempting to give you a bit of family history.

Is it possible that all of this is related? Could it be MS? Is MS genetic and would a second cousin be close enough for genetics to be involved?

I am not asking for a diagnosis as I realize this is a discussion forum. I just need to know whether or not to purse this train of thought. For now my eyes aren’t bothering me much. The swollen, numb and tingling areas on my thighs are very bothersome - the sheet can be uncomfortable at night. And the numbness and tingling in the nose and lip is new. Hoping it will either go away or I will get used to it. Thank you for your input.

hi amelia

ms is not considered to be genetic.

carry on seeing your gp for symptom relief and ask if she feels that a referral to neurology would help.

good luck

carole x

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