Odd sensation before slurred speech

Good evening everyone, Shortly before my diagnosis last year I had an episode of right sided weakness, facial droop and slurred speech (before this I had pins & needles & spasms in my right leg). Initially it was thought that I had had a stroke but this was ruled out following a CT scan. The slurred speech, inability to pronounce B’s, M’s, N’s, P’s etc & facial droop remained a frequent unwanted visitor for about 10 months after my diagnosis in May last year - these episodes could last anything between a few minutes to 2 weeks. Has anyone else experienced these types of symptoms and if so, did you feel a little odd before hand - in my case my head feels a little funny, then my tongue or teeth feel too big for my mouth and I know instantly that my speech is going to be slurred. Sometimes those around me think I’m doing on purpose especially if it comes and goes throughout the day. Any other people’s experience would be gratefully received. TT

Hey Taz,many of us have the same or similar issues as yourself.

I to as many do get slurred speach.I know I am doing it and cannot stop it.

I get pins n needles in my gums,toung and teeth,I have palsy that used to affect the left side only now it affects both sides it is like may face is frozen and cannot even smile.

Or I will get tremors through my body and pain then slurred speach.It does vairy on when and how it happens.

I get slurred speach more so when I am pritty ill or in a stressfull situation.


i had bell’s palsy when i was 17 which was pretty much the same symptoms you describe.

i had it twice more before my dx.

i’d forgotten the strange sensations just before it started but they are really strange!!!

they sound a little like the aura that people with epilepsy have before a seizure.

i also get a kind of aura if i’m going to faint, rushing sounds like listening to a sea shell.

if that makes you a freak, you are definitely not alone.

the people around you need to be educated about ms and it’s delights.

take care

carole x

Thanks for your replies. It’s reassuring that I’m not alone in this - some of our symptoms can be quite scary. Taz