odd question

Does anyone else have problems blowing raspberries or that brrrrr noise with your mouth. If ever I do it it sends horrible crawling sensation over my face like bugs. I realise I now sound crackers like I do this all the time lol A

So, not only do I have picture of you in my mind running away hysterically from a neuro dressed as a clown, you are now blowing raspberries as you do it. ROFL. Angela xxx

Lol yep that sounds about right A

Lol, yes I get that x

Phew not just me then X

It really tickles my upper lip. (Now Arwen can imagine us all blowing raspberries and making silly faces to see how it feels, hehe!)

It makes me happy to think of you all doing this lol A

Lol I’ve just done it too!! Emma

Ha ha did it drive you demented? Are you still doing it lol A x

No was trying to do it quietly as husband sitting on other couch and he will think I have lost the plot lol x

Ha ha mine thought I lost it years ago A