Funny Face!

Good afternoon everyone, I posted this on Young People by mistake talking about my distorted face. It’s like having reverse bells palsy right side of face is in sort of spasm making it turn upwards. Look like Popeye with a mouthful of spinach and eye half shut and watery. It’s not painful just buzzing and tingling and annoying that I keep dribbling. Anyone else had this and did it last long? Just want to compare notes really as I look quite odd and I don’t want to frighten anyone of a nervous disposition when I go out! Jackie x

Hello Jackie,

Can’t say I’ve ever had what you’ve described, did once have a minor case of Bells Palsy and found that embarrassing. Have you asked your doctor? Might be a good thing to show him but if you are worried about going out like it wear a scarf around your mouth, as with this cold weather no one will think it odd.

Sorry can’t be of any further help.

Janet x

Hi Jackie,

I had something similar to this a few years ago where the rightside of my face went all strange and had a mind of it’s own! To be honest I put it down to a relapse as wasn’t offered any other suggestions by dr’s so it’s quite interesting you mention Bells palsy as I’ve just looked it up and it sounds very similar to that.

I can’t remember (awful memory!) if I had steroids at the time or not but I know it went away after about a month and (touch wood) hasn’t returned.



Hello Janet Thank you go replying. I will definitely wear a scarf to cover up when out next. I haven’t been to the doctor about it as I dont think he would do much. I think I will see if it drags on and if Im still like it in a couple of weeks will contact MS nurse. Im sure she would tell me it’s just a passing symptom that will go of its own accord. Bye for now Jackie x

Hello Char Thank you too go your reply. The fear of being given steroids is one of the reasons I haven’t contacted MS nurse as Ive always have an unsettling reaction when I’ve taken them in the past. My sister had bells palsy 3 years ago and she still has the visible signs of it now so that’s a bit of a worry. I think i will wait and see. Jackie x

Hi Jackie,

Do let us know how you get on and good luck.

Janet x

i think if you can see a physio to help exersising your facial muscles should help you recover quicker xxx

Funny you should should mention about exercising face muscles Denise have been doing some facial moves each day to try and free things up. Have doctors appointment tomorrow will let you know what happens. Jackie x