Odd feeling under my toe

I’ve had a really odd sensation in my little toe on left foot for a few days now. It’s really hard to describe but just feels like a pressure/pushing which comes on and off. It’s not painful, just annoying. I’ve also had more of a vibrate feeling in my foot and my ankle/ calf has been so painful I’ve been taking painkillers all day everyday.

What could this be!?

have you got any lumps under the toe, check it’s not a corn.

i went to the chiropodist with a painful ingrown toenail and she cut it down the side with a scalpel to relieve the pressure.

then told me to be brave and did something else.

i told her that i didn’t feel a thing and she said that she had taken a corn out from under my nail!

blinking heck, if i’d known i’d have fainted!

then again, it could be just good old ms causing your toes to feel weird.