October will be busy

October will be a busy month! In the last 2 weeks, I’ve had hospital appointments for: MRI, EEG, Continence Nurse,and just had Orthotics. Somewhere in there will also be the wheelchair service. I can’t complain, usually I’m having to wait ages to get seen for anything.

This week has been rubbish. I’ve felt like a wet lettuce all week, and today I woke up with my left leg not working. So today will be rubbish by the looks of it. I’ve also got brain fuzziness and just general fatigue.

Excuse the weird typing styles. I made the mistake of messing about with the text box and it’s doing all sorts now ha ha.

i started drawing again last night, not done any for a while, so that was nice to get back to. Husband gets home from London today, thank god. It’s a pain when I’m here alone on days like this as even just making a cup of tea turns out to feel like a major mission!

Hope everyone is doing alright xx

You have been busy! I’m impressed that you’ve fitted all of that in to 2 weeks! A wet lettuce is a perfect description - I might borrow that in future, if that’s OK?!

Well done on the drawing - it’s good to do something pleasurable because you want to, not because you have to, isn’t it? Although it does feel like hard work most of the time…

I hope your leg gets better and your lettuce crisps up soon :slight_smile:

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Hooray for creativity! October will be busy for me too, as I start my CFS/ME group therapy and see my second neuro. Fatigue has jumped on me today. I’ve been telling people that I feel like a wet muppet! I’m struggling with walking the school run and seriously considering a mobility scooter. I’m only 40 :confused:

I can completely feel where you are coming from. After walking back and forth from school several times today, and trying to be super housewife, I have literally dragged myself down and back up a horrendous hill for the last time today and quite frankly could just go to sleep lol.

just a thought, but is there a bus route to school? I am guessing not or you would use it. The only reason I ask is that if your PIP application is successful, you might be able to use the mobility component to get a bus pass for free travel to and from school. I know that could be months a way, but anything is worth a try.

Mrs Bellamy - no bus…and I looked into the school bus but we don’t live far enough away to qualify. Beverly f - um…what is Orthotics? Do you know how long you’ll have to wait for your MRI results? This being chronically ill is bloomin’ hard work, isn’t it?!

That’s a shame. When I managed to get a mobility component, I didn’t realise I could get a bus pass that would get me to and from town for free, I just thought it was so I could be mobile with taxis extra and paying people to take me wherever I needed to go. Thank god for a bus pass. Might still be worth further investigation for hospital trips on the bus.

Haha, thanks. The lettuce is still a bit of a damp squib to be honest. Left leg is hanging about like a phantom limb haha. It’s the weirdest feeling, and it’s the longest I’ve had it. Usually it’s there a few hours and then peters off, but this has hung about. Extremely annoying. I’m going to try to get out later as husband is home from work and the walls are closing in on me. It’s only been 4 days but feels like longer!

yes, I love drawing but because I’ve had a good spell I’ve been doing gardening and more physical stuff, but seems like my body has had enough for a bit so drawing is quite good if my head isn’t on planet reebok. I always make sure I’ve got stuff to do as I get bored very easily, so I’ve got things for the good days , not great days, crap day and mega crap days :slight_smile: ( I grade them in order of rubbish ness)

hope you’re alright and thanks for the message :slight_smile: x

Hey, best of luck then with the new Neuro and I hope the group helps hunni. Yep, I’m 40 too and even though we are still young, I’m glad it’s happened now and not when I was a lot younger. I would be spitting fire I think. It’s a bum deal but I also think I have the mentality to deal with it now too.

ive got a scooter coming at some point, it’s coming to me after being bought for a young guy who broke his legs( nasty situation), so once he up and about it’s mine…though I’m in no rush as I want to keep the muscles going for as long as I can…despite left leg not playing ball :slight_smile:

thanks for the message and take care x