Hi Have a lady I know who has only found out she has ms late last year, she is now on a trial with the drug Ocrelizumab was wondering if anyone has tired and what they think on it and the trail. thanks sherbet

Hi Shebert

I’m taking ocrelizumab in “opera” trial. For 4 years. Since I started ms stoped. No side effects 2 infusion in year. Before ocrelizumab I had relaps after relaps.

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Just had my first infusion ( yesterday ) no side effects yet itching to start running again - nurse said I should wait but feel really good

Hi remixray I hope you’ll be very well with that. What kind of itching?? Have you had any sorethroat just after infusion?? I’ve just had my around 15th infusion today and have had it every time. What type of ms do you have? Soon I’ll be treated 8 years and I’m sure this drug is bloody marvelous. Need some tips text me.

Hi Marcin

The Itching I had was to resume my running ( I have 10k race tomorrow ) just had my fist infusion on wednesday and I feel fine, beginning to wonder if they gave me a placebo !

No sore throat either

Should I run - or should I wait a few more days ?


My eyes a still a problem

I have run 3 half marathons this year - last one in Edinburgh in 2 hr 24 mins with double vision !