Ocrevus (new treatment)

I have had MS now for 4 years. I started on brabio injections 3x a week on 40ml. My MS has progressed so I have qualified for ocrevus infusion 2x a year. My first one is the end of this month. I was just wondering if anyone is on this medication and what likely side affects I should expect.
Kind regards Robyn. X

Hi Robyn, I’m on Ocrevus twice a year. The only side effect I have is being really tired for a while afterwards. I find myself sleeping in the afternoons for about a week after the infusion. I hope your first one goes well, Angie :heart:

Hi Robyn
I’ve had my first two half-doses with my next full dose due in April 2024.

Before going on the Ocrelizumab, I was participating in a clinical trial for which there was one live drug and another as placebo. It became fairly obvious that the Ocrelizumab was in fact the placebo and the other drug (as tablets) was the live one. I had to stop the trial as it was harming my liver but the point about mentioning the trial is that I had received two sessions of the Ocrelizumab’s pre-meds, even though the Ocrelizumab was fake (just saline).

I can say that I’ve had absolutely no adverse effects from the Ocrelizumab but the pre-meds were quite nice. You get a steroid (methyl prednisolone) and an antihistamine before the active meds and for 2 or 3 days I had better mobility and fewer aches & pains. Sadly, they cannot prescribe the steroids on an ongoing basis! The effects were the same when the active drugs were fake, so the effects were attributable to the pre-meds.

Good luck with yours and let us know how it goes