occupational health

Has anyone had much to do occupational health? Work at seeking advice from them so they can do a report? They want me to sign a consent form so they can contact my doctor?

They can’t contact your doctor unless and until you sign that form, but if you don’t, they may not have all the information they want and that can limit their ability to help you. You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place really.

My physio is a member of the occy health department at work, and when I was diagnosed and went to see if he could help me, he said that his primary purpose is to to keep employees well enough to do their jobs and to ensure that they have the support and adaptations required to keep working. They always make me feel like they are on my side and that if I need backup with managers they will help me (so far, not needed). They are my gateway to special equipment, to assessment of my working environment and to adjustments to my working hours if/when such things become necessary.

Hi Minnie

When I first became ill in 2011 my boss referred me to occ health, and they were extremely supportive. All they wanted was to do anything that would help me in my workplace.

On advice from my stress councillor, I phoned them yesterday regarding the problems I’m having in work. They were so hepful and have put some really good systems in place to keep me where I am in my employment.

maybe your boss just wants to do the best they can, to help you in your work?

Freckles xxx

Well my PM is lovely and been really supportive. However my direct boss doesn’t even try to understand, she hasn’t a clue and she’s known me a lot longer and knows I’m not the type to take the piss. But the way she is with me, you would think I was. I’ve been dx a year, haven’t had any sick days yet (touch wood) … sorry gone off track

Anyway it sounds like I won’t meet occ health, they just make a report based on the info they get from my doctor and it goes into my works file. But I’ve slagged work off when I’ve seen my nurse, the support hasn’t been great. (my PM is quiet new)

Hey Minnie, I ditto what everyone has said about OH. Very supportive and on my side not managements to try to make my working situation as easy as possible for me - I Work for NHS. I can self refer to OH anytime I feel I need to. Would say they really need to meet with you and not just a report from your doctor. Good luck Min x

My employer has a full package with a well known company, helpline, support etc for personal and employment issues. I had An assessment with OH after being sick for 12 weeks, I took along my consultants report on my diagnosis. She asked me a few questions on my mobility and symptoms of my ppms.I was asked for consent for them to contact my consultant. I received a copy of the info from my consultant to OH, then received a copy of the info sent from O.H to my employer as some of the info was left out to my employer. For aids and adaptations to my workspace I did my own refferal to access to work through DWP an assessment took place at my place of work followed by a report of changes to be made with costings my employer pays the first £1000 DWP pay anything over this.

Pauline x