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Hello, was after some advice please, is it ok to write to your neuro between visits? I see my neuro yearly as i do not want the drugs and there is nothing she can do for me. Thats fine with me i hate the visits, Im not very good at drs, the sort that finally makes an appointment, then tell the dr im fine! so when the neuro asked how i had been i said id had a few relapses but that was normal and to be expected other wise i was fine. Then she asked if i was left disabled by any of it, to which i said no, and that was basically it, in and out in 5mins, a sigh of relief i headed home. Later reflection i thought maybe i should have said more (although i feel like im moaning!) So im not in a wheel chair, however the fatigue cripples me, if i get up before 10 i need to sleep in the afternoon, my hands often loose fine motor skills my body feels like its hooked up to an electric fence, etc etc. I cant work, so yes it is disabling me, im just not good at listening, thinking and replying on the spot (concentration also gone!) so revert to default “yes alls fine, thank you” and all that! So the question i have is, is it ok or indeed normal to write to your neuro and just tell them. So its on record? what do you think? Thank you,

i shouldn’t think it would be a problem if you wrote.

explain the reason you didnt tell her during your appointment.

have you got her email address?

if so, you could email her.

good luck.

carole x

I have certainly done this once or twice when there was MS relapse stuff going on that I wanted them to know about but not do anything about.


I have often come away from neuro appointments thinking 'but I forgot or didn’t have time to mention this or that '. I have written to my neuro before between appointments.

I now write a list of all things I need to discuss at the appointment. Type them up and print off, discuss them with neuro and then hand them a copy before leaving. Sometimes on reflection after the appointment I think of extra things which would have been good to discuss.

My MS nurse emails my neuro for me


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