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Nursing home

Nursing home no. 5 weeks of boot camp yes.


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Oh Steve, so good to see you on here. Sorry but I don’t understand yr message. Are you in a nursing home? Is it boot camp? I hope you are able to go home before too long. Sending hugs Anne xx

So glad to see you here Steve. I really hope your pressure sores have healed or are on the mend. Are you back home now?

Oh Steve like the others have said it’s good to see you on the forum, but when you can please let us know how you are doing.

Wishing you all the very best, take care.

Pam x

Steve nice to hear from you hopefully you will be well enough to go home very soon with careers, district nurse etc.

Take care,


I’ve escaped the nursing home/boot camp.

After a lifetime of hard work and endeavour, no-one deserves to be treated like I was.

Glad you’re home Steve and looking forward to hearing of your encounters when you feel up to it.

Hi Steve

So glad to hear you are home, well done you for surviving the experience. Take care

Pam x

Hi Steve, I am also happy to see you back in your own home. I often wonder if I will end up in a home, but folk say they wont let me!

What`s the situation with home care nowadays?

Poor lad, certainly going through it, bless you.

Take care,

much love Boudsxxx

Really good to hear from you, Steve. I hope you can find good carers who give you the help, care and respect you deserve.

Really good to hear from you, Steve. I hope you can find good carers who give you the help, care and respect you deserve.

Great to hear you are now at home. I hope you find some lovely careers. Take care.

Sue x

Oops carers!



I have brilliant carers 4 times a day. The pressure sores are improving and I can now focus on the cancer and heart problem


Great you are back Steve, we miss you and people often ask after you.

I hope you can get back on track very quickly.

Keep fighting.

Jan x

Hi again, good to see you now have great carers…an improvement on the previous lot, eh?


Hello Steve , I’m sorry that you’ve had such a rough time in the nursing home . Did you say there were bullies ? I think that’s awful . I hope that you are back at home and feeling better now. Michelle and Frazer xx

Oh goodness Steve, what a horrid experience you’ve endured. Thank goodness you still have a voice in here and other internet info, advice and help.

You’ve still got that fab sense of humour & touch of sarcasm. Really nice for us to know you’re in your own house with Carers 4 times each day.

Best wishes, regards, Chrissie x

Hi Jackie, Sssue is in touch with Steve and letting him know we are asking after him.


Sorry Bouds, I’m not in touch with Steve. I email Anthony - that’s who Jackies thread on EL was/is about.

I hope Steve’s OK too. He’s far too nice a chap to be suffering this badly. Hopefully he’s still at home, being looked after by fabulous carers and soon back to full strength!

Keep up the good fight Steve.