Nursing homes

Hi, I’m new to all this even though I’ve had MS for 25 years. I’d like to hear from anyone who is in a nursing home, I’ve just found myself in this position and I’m not sure how to cope with it as so much has changed in my life over the last year, so any contact would be appreciated.

Hello Moley, Welcome to the site. I’m sorry to hear your nursing home dilemma, but hope you can settle in and that once the Covid situation eases you might enjoy the facilities and company. I’m don’t live in a nursing home, but in the (not too distant) future it is a possibility. It’s hard to think about, but is could be the best thing if the care needs are to be met. Thank goodness for the internet and this site as that way connections with the outside world can be kept up. We MSers are so resilient and so coping becomes second nature. :kissing_heart: Maz