A long time on my back


I’m still a bit numb from recent events. I think of refugees, trekking endlessly and dangerously for the chance of a life elsewhere. I think of war-torn Yemen and the collapse of its infrastructure leaving starving people without basic medical care. Yet here I am feeling consumed by a net of self-centered blindness, caring only for myself.

I’ve tried to encapsulate thoughts rather than events. I hope you can make sense of it.


Hello Steve. I was thinking about you today and wondering how you are doing. Sometimes it’s okay to be a little selfish. It’s allowed.


I was thinking about you too, hoping all was OK for you now you’re home.

It’s a sod having been so independent, having to accept care from others. But it’s so much better to be home.

You are indeed lucky to have such good friends.

Sue x

Hello Steve

I appreciate it is difficult to have to accept help especially when you have been so independent, but give it time and hopefully things will improve for you. It’s early days after being so poorly, and the fact you are now at home is better.

It’s lovely to know you have such good friends that rally round.

Hang in there Steve (((hugs)))

Pam x

Hi Steve, I am so pleased you are now back at home. I enjoyed reading your article. Having help is not a bad thing as you will have someone on hand to discuss any health issues that may crop up. Thinking of you. Get well soon. Sue x

Hi Steve

I really enjoyed your article - what positivity in the face of adversity! I hope you continue your recovery and enjoy the freedom of home and the company of good friends and careers.

The great survivor Steve Ostin (bionic man).

You’re still here, with some good friends about.

Take it easy dude & chillax, like a teenager.

hi steve

wow when you do poorly you really do it big style.

you know the reason for your having such wonderful friends?

it’s because you are the same.

rest loads, eat all that home made food the lovely friends brought, regain your strength and continue to entertain us with your writing.


Thinking of you Steve. Warm wishes x

Hello Steve , you’ve been through a lot, I’m so glad you are back home . How lovely of friends to come with all the meals , that’s so kind of them. I hope things get better for you , I think it’s a good thing that you have a care package, I’m sure you would prefer your independence but this will be a big help for you. Love Michelle and Frazer xx

Thank you for the good wishes.

It’s all a bit slow and I’m still waiting to hear when my 12 weeks of radiotherapy will start.

But I don’t care, I’m going to see my Rose in her nativity on Wednesday.

Best wishes. xx


Hi, I’m new, not to ms, but I am to saying ‘please I need aadvice & help, so is any one up for offering please & i’ ll share my hard times if people would help me I just write it all & sadly lost everything I wrote & now it’s getting late, I’ll write hopefully tomorrow so take care & be happy & I’ll enthrall you all tomorrow, Loo Loo x

Hi Looloo

Welcome to the forum, lots of lovely people in ‘our gang’ to always listen if you need to rant it offer advice when they can.

I just typed a longish reply to another post and that disappeared into the Cyber world.

Pam x

everything will be fine
believe and be

Hi, I’m not going to rant and complain, save that up. For another day, I’ve just not slept for 3 long night, probably cos I couldn’t stop crying (again) in bed for five long months now, ooh does leave a person wondering if they will ever move again, I’m a very optimistic women (honest) up until the sale of my house fell through, I’m in temporary accommodation at my daughters boyfriends & it’s getting tough, & the random care agency’s from /S are getting tougher, better than getting in debt from having to pay private but u do get what u pay for I must say Emma x

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