DX 2011 with RR Its day three now of the numbness, it has travelled from my backside, right through my v****a. Passing water nearly impossible, and having a number 2… even harder. Had this before, cant remember how long it went on for… because consultant gave me steiods, this was due to the fact it travelled down the left leg and mobility was affected. As I say its day three now and has stopped … “please, please, please” at my knee. My MS nurse has finished and no one really to speak to, hence this post… had a brain scan 2 months ago and not heard anything, I thouht this was a good sign, but now this outbreak… I’m not so sure. Surely if they’d seen anything, hospital would have been in touch… (crossed my fingers and hoped it was fine). Is it just the cold weather that does this to me, last November had major outbreak.

Has things moved on from relapsing… to secondary, do I want to know… have asked others who I have got to know with MS, do they suffer with this numbness in this particular area and they dont… does anyone else suffer with it???

It was my hubbies bday on weekend, needless to say being intimate was very difficult, I cant feel anything, he’s too afraid to hurt me… not much point… we have a really good sex life and it does concern me that somehow it always affects me in this area. Very embarrassing too… Any posts peeps woul be very helpful… Thanx

Thanx polar bear… will def have a look at suggestions on MS site… x G take care of U