First post here - living with MS is the never ending story

March 2007 I moved to live in Copenhagen Denmark, which has unlimited cobbled pavements. One day in Summer I noticed my feet were dragging and I was slipping a lot. Next my feet went fully numb as did both legs. I could hardly feel anything below the waist.

I came back to England and got misdiagnosed with a damaged vertebrae. Not until around 2010 after a further relapse (face and mouth went numb) I was diagnosed with RRMS. Over the next ten years my relapses were not common. I got sensation back in legs, feet have always been slightly numb, but arms were mostly fine, as was my face.

All through the lockdowns I was fine - nothing to report to my MS nurse - then February this year, feet got worse, legs went numb - groin and buttocks went numb. I have a numb left arm and both palms are hypersensitive to cold and rough surfaces. My face has numbness. I badly twisted my left knee and damaged my MCL in Oct. 21 and it has never healed - so getting around this three storey house is a nightmare - toilet is at least a minute walk away…

Hi Tarka and welcome to the community.

I hope that you’re getting decent support from your MS Team. I can certainly relate to the three storey house thing as I’m in one too and am terrified of getting worse and having to move!

Wishing you the best of luck

I am a glass half full person, all I can hope is that things get somewhat back to normal. In the last few years I have managed quite well.

I am left handed so would be so happy if left arm & hand get back to normal sensation :smile:

Hi there

One of the dangers I see of being a glass half full person is that we can be too strong, wanting to take too much personal responsibility and this means that we may not take a rest, or ask for help when actually that’s the best thing to do. I always used to push hard on physical exercise but have learned that it’s absolutely the wrong thing to do now I have MS. We sometimes have to unlearn things that have been adaptive for us in the past but are now maladaptive.

I may be speaking to the converted here. It’s quite subtle. I found myself yesterday asking myself how I can better manage my energy… That then made me laugh out loud. Of course I cannot manage my energy. I can only manage what I choose to do with the energy I have…

Best of luck

Yes I understand what you mean. I have told people at work and home that I just had my first serious relapse in a decade.

I have gotten used to numb feet and face etc but this time my legs & left arm/hand are affected - so no more ladders at work etc…

If I’m not at work im usually resting at home. At some point i will have to do the grass, but its not a priority. On Friday im heading to a Neil Diamond tribute act with dinner & drinks - but no dancing thankfully.

Good luck with everything.