I’m going through the diagnosis process at the moment. Most of the symptoms i can cope with except the one where i loose the ability to get my words out, but that’s another issue. The one problem that i am having at the moment is numbness in my groin where i can’t feel anything at all. Is this normal? Is anybody else having similar symptoms? what can i do about it?


I had numbness on one side in the early days.

Have you seen your GP?

In the first instance, they may suggest or prescribe some vitamin B or B12 before looking further into it.

I know that my left foot is the numbest part of me. It still feels odd.

Best wishes.

The doctors have put me on amitriptyline 20mg they stopped the twitches in my arms but that’s it’s. I mentioned it to the doc and she said “ahh ok” and then sent me for more test i’m now waiting for a spinal mri, a lumber puncher and a contrast mri. as well as a nerve conduction test.

Hi I have a lot off numbness every where fro feet to head they told me it was peripheral neuropathy and left it at that