My daughter has recently been diagnosed with Ms. Has got numbness around or waist and stomach area. Anyone n

know how to help her or no what this could be.

Hi Katie I can’t say I have had it around the waist but in the fingers was one of my first symptoms twenty odd years ago. Since then it’s moved around my body coming back every now and again. Speak to your GP or MS nurse if it is a worry.


Ps. Welcome to the board and say hi to your daughter and wish her well, we area friendly bunch and try and help if we can.

I used to get lots of numbness in various parts of my body. Sometimes a hand and or arm, sometimes a leg sometimes the left side of my middle body sometimes the right side. Usually these instances would last anywhere between two and six ish weeks.

The only thing I would say to be careful of is if hands or feet are numb be careful of hot things. A numb right foot doesn’t always know immediately a bath is too hot till the left foot hits the water. Pan handles need to be double checked if a hand is numb.

At first it was worrying and was all I could think about, then it became an annoying irritation that happened every so often. Others will have different experiences but for me it was just something to put up with.

You and your daughter are newly diagnosed so it’s all very scary at the moment. You will read helpful stuff on these forums and also some scary stuff. Try to remember we don’t all get the same symptoms to the same degree and although there isn’t a cure there is plenty of meds/equipment to ease these symptoms. We all find ways to live with our condition and so will you and your daughter.

I have had MS for over twenty years and have been lucky in its progression. I worked up until April last year hopefully your daughter will be as lucky or luckier

Best wishes

Jan x

Hello Katie,

Like Jan I managed to work for twenty odd years with MS and finally had to retire two years ago. The numbness has always been puzzling. Mine has cropped up all over the place and disappeared equally mysteriously.

The early stages after diagnosis can be very disconcerting when unusual symptoms may develop. The best thing I can say is that after all this time I’m still here, managing conditions with some medication, but mostly with regular realistic planning, with a reasonable quality of life.

There is a wealth of really helpful information on this website and the forums are good places to visit. I’ve found them reassuring.

Best wishes, Steve.

Hello Katie

Welcome to both you and your daughter to this lovely forum, made up of lots of lovely people, always willing to listen and help where they can.

It is a scary time being diagnosed with ms, but in time, your daughter will become her own expert understanding her illness more, just take one day at a time.

Numbness is a symptom of ms for many people, mine appears and disappears as and when it feels like it, and can be really annoying.

Has your daughter got an ms nurse? If so, then you can always speak to them for reassurance of symptoms.

Hang in there, it will get easier, and we are all here for both of you.

Pam x

Hi Katie and welcome to the forum. Like the others I have what I call traveling numbness but it can also be tingling or burning sensation that appear and disappear all over my body. If you Google Parasthesia you’ll be able to understand it as the medical people do but for the rest of us it’s just one of the many things that keeps life with ms interesting.

Jean has given you the best advice about safety as it is very easy to injure yourself unintentionally. I’ve had numb feet before and developed blisters where creases in socks or a stone or something has gotten into my shoe and I haven’t felt it, but scalds are quite common for me too from hot cups on numb fingers.

If you are concerned about it though, discuss it with your daughter’s ms nurse, they’re very good with our bizarre symptoms. I hope you continue to visit the forum and maybe get your daughter to join. As the others have mentioned we’re a friendly bunch who cope with this all the time and usually someone has had experience or information and suggestions about everything. It was a godsend for me as I felt really lonely and vulnerable after diagnosis.

Take care.

Cath x

Good afternoon Katie and welcome to the party, we are a lovely crowd.

I have been suffering with numb legs and i have found physio helps, my legs are worked on and she also gives me exercises to do and my legs feel a lot bettter afterwards.

Perhaps a trip to a physio would help, it worked for me, my physio also works on my hands and feet and it all helps.

I have a trip to the physio every week, you could go to your GP and ask him/her to refer you then you can get an assesment then have a weekly session on the NHS, worth a try.

Numbness can happen and it is one of things you will get used as time goes on, it might just go away there is no way of telling, lets hope it does and it hides away forever.

Take care