Numbness and Pain

Hello All,

Sorry to bother you, I have numbness and pain from my abdomen round to my back and down my leg (one side only) my question is, anyone had this and did anything help? Not sure if it’s a new symptom or bowel related?

Any comments gratefully received.

Thanks Sam

hi sam contact your ms nurse and let him/her know. then speak to someone from the bowel and bladder clinic. if you have never had contact with them you can self refer or your gp can refer you. you get all the delight of describing to a stranger how your bowels function but they are very good. hope you get the help you need.

Hi Carole

Thanks for your reply! I was diagnosed in 2008 and have had various problems between then and now! I haven’t seen a neurologist or ms nurse in 5 years! This new symptom totally numb down left side and painful at times has really upset me as I thought I was going well. #mssucks

Appreciate your advice and hope you’re as well as you can be xx

leave a message for your neuro or nurse, pester them until one of them get in touch. i appreciate that they are stretched but you need help NOW.#ms does completely suck!

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