numbers and ms brain......


as some of you know i love darts-cant play but love to watch/listen.

last night when watching them with my sons i said something about one hundred and sixty twelve! they were laughing at me but i still didnt realise what i had said! i was right cos i was meaning 172 but what a strange way to go about it! i have had probs with finding the right word for years now and have learnt to laugh about it, in fact we have a whole new language built around my misfiring brain!


I am just the same Ellie…we laugh about the things i do and say…once when my daughter was going she shouted Bye mum see you later… to which i replied oh Hello Love… she fell on the floor laughing…

we know what we mean though…dont we? lol…

J x

Yes I’m the same ellie. I call daddy long legs, dandelions. The other day when out for a drive with my husband to one of our favourite spots. I said to him, pass me the stethoscope-meant to say telescope yah gotta laugh

I made a classic MS gaff live on local radio, an outside broadcast last year. We were at one of the O2 shops doing a fundraiser with me all dressed up in orange wig, whilst photoing the event. I had my 20 sec piece to microphone off pat but at the end I was asked who would I like the next song to be played for. Seeing as it was our 36th Wedding Anniversary that day, and bearing in mind I had the no 60 firmly implanted in my brain ( The MS Soc 60th birthday last year) I blurted out that I’d like a song played because it was our 60th Wedding Anniversary. Soon as the words tripped out, I rectified it, but out of the corner of my eye I could see poor husband looking as if he was about to spontaneously combust lol! Once we were off air we literally fell about laughing because I fell off the high stool they’d perched me on. No physical damage done thankfully and I’d gone past caring about my dignity by then :wink:



hi ellie

i was all set to tell you all about my own gaffes but eiona’s tale had me laughing so much, now i cant remember what i was going to say!

you’ve all cheered me up no end

carole xx

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