Numb right side - Advice on recovery?

Hi Peeps

Hope you’re having a good Chimbo :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Farther Christmas brought me a pretty nasty relapse this year consisting of numbness/spasticity across the rightside of my body.

In particular, walking and grasping objects/typing is difficult.

Just wondering if anyone knows of good physio exercises or other methods that can help to recover?

I’m sure the must be a way of rewiring you brain’s circitry…

Would love to hear any advice from you guys.


Max :slight_smile:

H Max.

Sorry you are suffering.

All I can suggest is lots and lots of rest. That’s the only thing that really helps me.

Hope you find something that helps you through and hope you manage to enjoy Christmas.

Take care of yourself.

Shazzie xx

i have heard of exercises to help regain your neural pathways but i can’t remember the name.

try googling “exercises to help rewire neural pathways in ms”

quite a few suggestions come up but i am unable to copy a link.

basically you need physio from an ms specialist physiotherapist.

good luck

carole xx

Hiya Max

Never underestimate ur brain!

I lay in bed for month with total rightside not working. I done exercises in my head to try and restore the pathways. This was over 3yrs ago. Today I can move arm and leg tho no fine motor in either-i can’t hold a pen or get socks/shoes on but I can throw a punch!

I had to do them frequently and still do-never give up!


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Thanks for the advice everyone.

Hello again Ellie - I thought we might meet again!

It’s a bloody nightmare is it not?I spent about 10 minutes tying my damn shoelaces the other day!

Also somehow managed to rip my best pair of jeans yesterday…

It’s funny you should say that you can still throw punch - Boxing day pints anyone? :wink:

“Neuroplasticity” - thats the one. Thanks Carole :slight_smile: