Advice for bad legs

Hey all,

Not been on here for a while, had a whole year of ups and downs, redundancy, new job and now second relapse of the year.

In in the last week I have lost the feeling in my left leg and foot and part of my right toes… Had a relapse a 9 weeks ago where I lost feeling in left hand and was given steroids , but due to this being so close they won’t give them again ( not that I’m crying over that as they messed me up big time) …

my question is does any one have any ideas of things that can help get the feeling back, leg and foot constant pins and needles which is driving me mad ? I can’t take time off " to rest" as I’m too close to Xmas just wondering if any one knew of any exercises or things that help,them… I can rest next week but I need to just get through to Xmas.

Any my suggestions welcome


Apart from rest (and TBH I’m not really convinced that even that speeds things up any!) there isn’t one single damned thing you can do, I’m afraid.

The usual advice is to take it easy and give your body a chance to heal. It is clear from your post that taking it easy isn’t going to happen unless (God forbid) MS takes the controls and decides for you. I really feel for you. I don’t work any more, but that feeling of being just too busy at work to be bothered with MS is still a fresh memory.

I hope that you get a chance to relax soon and that you feel better soon too.



I’m sorry to sound harsh or negative, but no, there’s nothing you can do to regain the feeling, except be patient, and hope it comes back by itself. It’s caused by nerve damage, which is stopping the sensory signals getting through, so there’s nothing you can do or take (apart from steroids, which you’ve already had) that will help the damage heal faster, or somehow let the nerve signals “jump” the damaged bits. You are wanting them to cross a bridge that isn’t there - you have to wait for the bridge to be rebuilt - which only time and nature will do for you.

You may be able to dampen down the pins and needles with a prescription neuropathic painkiller, but as far as I know, there’s no drug that’s effective for numbness. You can dampen an unwanted sensation, but you can’t restore one that’s gone AWOL, that I know of.




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I had a feeling I knew the answer to my post , but was hoping someone would say sit in a bath for 6 hours or rub bee wax on your legs …

Think i I am more worried as this is the second relapse in a short time and I have only been working for my company for 6 months, I really love my new job and I do not want my condition to be a factor . I’m very very lucky that my new boss understands and is always telling me to put my health 1st…

i just don’t want to let anyone down.



i can suggest bath and bees!

changing the temp of legs my help-cold works better than cold for me. cold/hot towel (careful!) on area. icecubes in cold water for feet (diy ice therapy!) u will find info on net but i can say its effective!

bees-this has been mentioned in another thread-i have been taking for 18 months or so and for me an positive thing but that may just all be in my head?! does that matter?! i feel its good so maybe placebo and all that malarkey-better that being doped up with ‘medications’.

just read this over-i sound flippant and a bit crazy! i can assure u i am not but i dont have the time to go into detail.

read for urself re the benefits of bee propolis then decide-empowering for you whatever u decide!


I’m in the ‘this is what MS means - loss of sensation and/or function’ camp. You can find plenty of alternative (that is alternative to something that actually does anything) therapies out there, but they won’t make a difference. Get on a good DMD to reduce the chance of more of the same happening in the future. Don’t go on one of the interferons, if you’re bothered about losing sensation after the relapse has stopped, go on Tysabri or one of the others that slows down progression.