Help/advice with physical rehabilitation

I had a major relapse 2 years ago. I have come a long way and improved a lot, which I think has certainly been helped by physical exercise and rehab. So just wanted some advice on how to improve things further.

It feels as though my left side isn’t as responsive as the right side of my body. The different muscles on my left (ie thigh, hips and ankle) aren’t as co-ordinated with each other as what the muscles on my right leg are. I really hope that makes sense because it’s very difficult to explain my walking gait to someone. If you saw it then it’ll be apparent that the different muscles in my left leg have been adversely affected by the MS whilst the right leg is relatively fine. At times I start walking off to 1 side & it’s tricky to stop myself from making a circle as I try to correct myself lol.

Today at the gym as I was lifting weights (after ages) I was very pleased to learn that the strength is still there in my body. The issue is that my left leg shudders & glitches it way through a leg press lift whilst the right leg is much more fluid & smooth.

I realise the science behind it, & know that this may just be symptoms of having interrupted nerve pathways (to transmit the messages from the brain down to the desired muscle group and then return the message to the brain). But surely I can do something to improve those nerve pathways even if they don’t totally recover. My physiotherapist told me that repitition reminds the brain how certain tasks are done & encourages new nerve pathways to be created over time.

Does a gym-goer or anyone who can relate care to share their thoughts? Much appreciated. Thanks

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Try fasting - see if it improves nerve function.


I have exactly the same problem except on my right leg, I can’t get it to do no where near what my left leg does no sync there at all which is quite auk ward when your hobby is playing drums. I have had t learn a whole new way to play the bass pedal. I also velar off on a tangent and if uncorrected would end up going around in circles also have been told I have drop foot. But keep smiling I won’t let my sense of humour give up.

bizarrely my right leg feels weaker than my right one - the physio tells me that the reality is the opposite ! confused nerve pathways??

I haven’t found any easy answers either. It does sound as though you are doing all the right things to give yourself the best outcome, though.

I do certainly notice that, when I am well enough to get a bit fitter generally (gym, mostly, and a bit of swimming - walking doesn’t do the trick these days for the obvious reason!) then my body repays the effort by doing its best to keep things moving as well and smoothly as they can do - within the constraints of the damage that neither be fixed or compensated for.

I hope that you find that regular exercise helps you to stay as strong, flexible and balanced as as you can be.

My one suggestion would be to consider Pilates exercises to strengthen up the muscles round your middle and improve balance. I have found it can make it a little easier to make my gait as non-wonky as it can be and keep to a minimum the wear and tear that poor gait tends to cause.