numb legs st night

Hi everyone

I’ve not been here for a while as I wanted to try and get on with things and not focus on whats happening. I had a possible MS/probable ME dx 2 years ago and I’m on Gabapentin, Amitryptylene and Simvastatin to manage symptoms. MRIs were clear, abnormal neuro exam ‘wait and see what happens’ was what I was advised by neuro, ‘don’t close the door on the MS dx’ by the ME clinic. Symptoms managable and I’ve been back at work for 2 years without too many problems, don’t do much apart from work, spend time with family, walk dogs whenever I can.

Twice now I have woken in the night and not been able to feel my legs - can move them but can’t feel them . I’ve had numbness before - only on right side of body though (where all of my symptoms have been apart from the bladder probs.). I’ve been really frightened at the time, but have gone back to sleep as Amitryptylene knocks me out. Fine by morning. Its not happened during the day. I have had a couple of falls(concussion with the last one) over the last couple of years that I’ve not been able to explain by tripping etc.

Should I do nothing and see if anything else happens, or see GP to get it recorded, but dont want to be a hypochondriac (not that I’ve been to see her with any neuro symptoms since managed by drugs)and what would it acheive as wouldnt expect a neuro referral as its only happened twice. Last neuro signed me off but said to get re-referrd if anything significant changed.

Am I wrrying for nothing, or does this sound familiar?



Hello Beckie, I would visit my GP and get your symptoms recorded as you never know you may need them in the future. Inform them of your falls and everything that has happened to you. He/she may refer you back to the neuro and they will need all the info you are able to give them. Hope this helps. Janet X

I agree with Janet: get it on the record. You should see the GP about your nighttime numbness anyway - they might know what’s wrong / how to help. Karen x


your falls may be caused by drop foot or postural hypotension both of which are treatable.

bladder problems are also treatable.

ask your gp to refer you to a bladder clinic and maybe a podiatrist.

good luck


Thanks for your replies I will tell the doctor if it happens again. I am already onmeds for the bladder probs which the incontinence nurse said are neurological. What a great network of people here, so supportive. Many thanks becki x