numb from waist down

So I got to I had ms 7 yes ago and had a number of releases sine I’ve been on rebif and now on copaxone but this ms release I’m struggling with. I’ve lost all feeling from waist down everything is numb what I’m wondering is does anyone have any tips on getting feeling back in Ur legs I’ve been stuck in bed for a week and now finding it almost impossible to just walk to the loo. I’ve been numb b4 but nothing like this my legs feel so tight and painful. I’ve been lucky b4 with releases the worse being when I lost my eyesight but its back, but this is very painful I’ve tried a hot water bottle to warm up the mussles but when anything touches my skin it feels like its on fire that include a simple touch. I’m lost with wht to do now it’s annoying and depressing and I’m relying on my husband and kids so much I feel guilty

Any ideas to help will be great fully received


Hiya I was exactly the same this time last year all I can advise is to try and get a course of steroids as soon as you can to help speed up getting back to normal I left it too long before I did and wish I had got them a lot sooner as I am not back to normal 12 months on.

Good Luck

Jenny x

Yeah that’s kinda wht I thought been trying to avoid steroids as we don’t get along was hoping there was something else I could do

If possible get some physiotherapy help. They can give you a programme of exercises so that when the relapse ends you’ll get back to where you were (hopefully) as soon as possible. Meanwhile I too would recommend steroids. There is nothing else that can shorten the relapse unfortunately. When you say you can’t get on with them, do you mean you literally cannot take them or that you’ve had a bad time on them before? Steroids can be horrible to take but they can work wonders. Saying that, it is a personal decision and only you can know what to do. You could always ask your MS nurse, if you have one, for some advice. Failing that, there is usually a team of neurology nurses attached to your hospital who you get get help from.

I hope your legs improve soon.