now got the m.s walk! will it now show on next mri?

Hi, please accept my apologise for continuing to post, there a good few posts I want to respond to , which I will soon, once I’m s bit better, as I’ve had a bad relapse, still undiagnosed! Had ON the other day, since then I have a really bad leg spread, dragging foot, typical m.s walk, as I would call it. Saw g.p yesterday and he was shocked by what I was presenting, the terrible walk, off balance, slurred speech and myoclonic jerks. Due to the loss of vision, which is now fine, he sent me to A and E to check my eye. Total disaster, the ompathologist did far less than my option, he had a brief look and sent me home, he did agree it was most likely ON but the inflammation had subsided. My own fault for leaving it to long. I have been told to go straight to hospital next time my visions goes. My kids wondered why I was walking so bad and wasn’t remembering things, so I’ve had to Tell them, but I’ve made it cleat it’s not life threatening and it looks worse than it is! Does anyone know the likely good of m.s showing on my MRI next week now I’ve had another bad relapse and walk is very bad and typical? Thanks guys x x x. Hugs to all

Is the MRI to be with contrast? It seems that is often needed with new lesions.

No, it has no mention of contrast at all. I’m not feeling hopeful about it x

I feel down today after 15 years with MS yuks .Bet hurt. Rahma xx

One of my MRIs was meant to be a ‘normal’ one, but half way through they decided I needed contrast (still no idea why) so you may end up having it anyway.

I’ve got another MRI tomorrow (brain and cervical) to see if I have any new lesions with no mention of contrast :frowning: