Not wanting to socialise

Hi, I was first diagnosed with rrms at the age of 35 in 1997. Now secondary progressive and a fulltime wheelchair user I am most happy in my own home, I still drive a car, with hand controls and a wheelchair storage box on the roof. There is an MS Therapy Centre quite close to my home, but I can’t seem to get the enthusiasm up to join other people with the same problems and talk about ms, although I’m sure there must be other topics of conversation. Does anyone else out there feel the same. I’m sure these centres must be good, but it’s just taking that first step. Thanks for reading!


we are all different and handle our ms in many ways!

i like mixing and talking but other days i just hide away-no set rules-do what u feel on a particular day. (if u do decide to pop in they wont eat you!)


Hi, I’ve been dx since 1996 & I Love to be taken out of my Bungalow to visit people, go Shopping & go to Comedy Nights as often as I can!

Hi, I’ve been Diagnosed since 1996.

Worked Full Time in a Primary School & used to Drive!

Started R.R + used a Walking cane, but now I’m S.P & a wheelchair user!

I use a Zimmer frame in & around the area!

Only get-out of my Bungalow with Assistance at weekends.

Love to go Shopping & to Comedy Nights at various Theatres around the Country!

Yes, I Love Chocolate! :wink:

Yes, I Do Eat Healthy Food, Drink Lots of Water + Rarely Drink Booze!

I have a Grown-up Son & Daughter + Three Grand kids!!!

Thanks for Reading about me!

Would be Lovely to Chat to Anyone! XxX