Not the usual me!

Hi folks,

Hope you are all feeling as well as can be expected.

This is definately not me today, from the moment I got up I felt miserable, weak all over, but thought, now stop feeling sorry for yourself and move. Which I did and went into town where I found it extremely difficult to stand even with my stick as the pain in my legs was unbearable. Got home and collapsed on the settee where I stayed for a hour. The gas people arrived as our cooker wasn’t working, it’s the electic to the cooker that’s not right so now I’ve got to put brain in gear and figure out how to cook dinner (even with microwave) The gas people are coming back on Friday to sort it all out. I hurt all over and just want to curl up in a big ball so nothing can touch me.

Sorry for the grumble, just needed to get it out of my system.



Dial a takeaway for delivery and eat it out of the container so there is no washing up and spend the rest of the day on the settee.

When you feel that rubbish there is no point fighting it.

Take care and you know that that was hardly a mumble let alone a grumble and on here it could be a full blown roar and thats ok too.

Take care Pip

I agree - takeaway for dinner, hope tomorrow is better

Luisa x

Sorry you are having a horrible time. As others have said, dismiss from your mind all thoughts of being a domestic goddess, get a takeaway delivered, and throttle back on all non-essential activities (and be brutal about what is non-essential!) for the next few days and give yourself a bit of a break if at all possible. Sometimes life just reminds us that we happen to have MS, and that is not nice.

The ‘usual me’ might have to lower her expectations of herself a little bit, just for now, anyway.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.



Far too many things going wrong J, your health is taking a battering along with your cooker. You sound like you need to get plenty of sleep and then a trip to the countryside to get a breath of fresh air and view nature. I always find after feeling naff, time out away from the main problems seems to give me new impetous.

Thats the nature of the beast, it bites us when least expected. Sending you loads of (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) and wishing you a brighter tomorrow, with lots of positive things taking the place of the negatives. No two days are ever the same luv,

take care,

luv bren


This just shows how I feel, I’d written a note to you Pip, Luisa, Alison and Bren to say thank you for your replies and advice and forgot to post it, so here I am again. It was microwave dinners tonight and will be again tomorrow. I did lay down on the settee again for another hour or so, at least my legs feel a wee bit better. Thanks once again for your support I really appreciate it.

Luv Janet


Hope things are brighter today. Rest up and recharge your batteries for a while we all need to sometimes.

DL xXx

How are you feeling today?

Hi Pip,

Much the same as yesterday, legs still don’t belong to me and my headache will not leave me and the pain in my eye is undescribeable. Spent most of the day sleeping again, it’s about the only energy I’ve got.

Thanks for asking Pip. appreciate you thinking of me.



Hi Janet, hope your feeling better. Having a take away and remembered about your cooker! Hope your brighter soon, Chis x

Sounds like you’ve got a bit of a bug, Janet.

Plenty of rest and warm drinks. A few ‘duvet days’ are prescribed to give your body chance to heal itself.

Hugs and Luv - Ann

Thanks Chris & Ann I appreciate your kind words, they are coming to fix the cooker on Friday so it’s been microwave dinners, the way I feel at the moment I just can’t be bothered.

Take care all of you, and thanks again.

Luv Janet


Is it a relapse?

Hi Pip,

I am beginning to wonder as it just dosen’t seem to be getting any better. Today has been a real struggle, dragging leg, eye pain, fatigue and so on. I am seeing my neuro on Monday (so long as the appt’ isn’t cancelled) so I’m going to have a few things to say. For one although my rheumy said it’s rrms my ms nurse said it was spms!! So I really don’t know exactly where I stand. All I’m sure of is that I’m totally drained.

Thanks for asking I appreciate it.



By Mon I will of reverted to lurking mode so good luck with the appt and if it is relapse the neuro visit cant of come at a better time eh!

Take care.


Thanks Pip,

This morning when I woke up the pain in my eye had gone well not completely but bareable and so had the headache, but I’m still dragging my leg and still finding things hard work. Am making notes to take to see neuro. In all honesty I just don’t know what to expect and am feeling a wee bit nervous as to what she will say. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for your concern I appreciate it.



Hi Janet,

Good luck with the neuro. Your symptoms sound just like the relapse I had last November. A course of IV steroids sorted out the main symptoms in about 3 weeks. It took about two months before I felt almost back to ‘normal’.


Hi Boo,

Thanks for your reply, I’ve only got another couple of days and hopefully all will be revealed, I am all fatigued out and my eyes are so blurred now, I just feel as though I could sleep for weeks and not get up.

Hope you’re feeling better now. Take care.