not sure if using this right

Wrote a another post on here, cant see it. not sure ive done it right. havent been on here for long time and set up changed. im not great with techno. also feeling lonely and dont know anyone with ms.

Hi Kh,

I just wanted to say hi, you’ve posted a message and you’re not alone, :slight_smile:

How are you today?

RL, :slight_smile:

I have read your message it is fine. I did not know anyone with MS but I got in touch my local MS Society, they do a newsletter and I have started going to their classes. Went to sit down Pilates today There will be one near you


thankyou for your reply. i see its been posted now, must have just taking a bit of time. i tried one near me they said im not registered so cant and they dont do much often. the other ive heard the ladies overbearing so thats no good for me. so nothing.

glad message got through in the end. thanks for replying. i’m not good so far today, trying to keep it together but not sure im doing that. hope will improve. hope your doing better.

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Good morning KH, yes, you’ve successfully posted a couple of times : - ) . Some posts we write go missing, personally, I’ve lost a few. I hadn’t fully completed the procedure.

The only people I speak to who have MS, are here on this MS site. It always helps to read the posts, some are comical, others not so much, but there’s always help & advice.

It seems you feel really down, so I hope you can find something to lift the cloud. It’s not an easy thing to get ourselves into a better, lighter mood, yet somehow we find a way.

Is your MS nurse good at their job, if so, maybe you can phone him/her.

I wish you well x

Hi all new to this site so please be kind as I haven’t a clue lol

Hi all hope I’m posting this message correctly, I know the feeling about feeling lonely, I have a great family and friends but i just feel alone , I’ve just been diagnosed with progress ms felt I’ll for some time now but at least I now know why.