Not sure if this is good or bad. - Nervous

Firstly I went to see my GP about the problems I have had just before my period, I get a slight fever and that set of all the neurological problems I have convenietly forgotten to meantion it at my consultants appointments but it was so bad I ended up at the GP’s. He checked my Thyriod and hormones with blood tests and all was normal. So he suggested that maybe trying prozac might help! This was not what I expected, he was not willing to give me depo injection as it may cause osteoporosis. So 20mg of Prozac added in the mornings. I then had an appointment with the neuro rehab team. Who decided that I have weakness in my right foot and toes and I have an appointment to see an orthrotist to see if some kind of shoe insert may help because at present my toes curl under. Then came the appointment with my General Medical Consultant. He is a great Doctor and stepped in when my Neuro had done his tests couldn’t make a Dx and didn’t know what to do. He has arranged my medication. Well on this occasion I’m sat in the waiting room list in hand (as I keep forgetting to meantion things) and I get called in by his registar. I was not prepare and when he asked how things where going I just burst into tears! Good job I had the list. He was very pleasant and came across as very caring, we went through the list together. Cramp - the quinne prescribed had done nothing. I explained I been to the GP and he had given me prozac. Also the neuro rehab team & orthrotic’s. Then I went on to explain that I was having a bladder problem infact just 2 nights earlier I woken up completley wet, and during the day I seem to drip. He asked loads of questions and need to speak to my GM consultant. He came back in the room and said he (& GM consultant ) wanted me to see a Urogynocologist (which I sort of expected). He then said they wanted to refer me back to see a neuroloigt. At this point I found myself getting upset and saying I couldn’t see the point as he had written me off! He explain he would refer me to someone different that would think outside the Box! So I agreed. He felt that he would prescribe anything for the cramp at the moment to see if the orthrotic’s improved things. And he has asked my GP to ween me of the duloxitine as I was getting a very dry mouth which was causing ulcers. Now I find myself very nervous about the future appointments. I know this was a good result really, but I am stressing over seeing more specailists. (especially these) Also coming off a drug when the pain is worse. Sorry it’s a long one needed to share. :roll: Twist

The perfect combination: tears and a list :slight_smile: Add an understanding doctor and we get… PROGRESS! It’s more specialists and tests, but it’s got to be closer to an answer, so GOOD NEWS! And it’ll be great if the new neuro really is better. Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: Karen x

Hi Twist Well done you for taking that list along, it obviously helped you and the registrar get to more symptoms than they knew of before. Keep writing those lists, symptom lists are one of the things I used and the medics were pleased when I was able to read out x,y &z about my condition instead of sitting there going ‘Ummm…’ It is excellent that you’re going to gt help for your bladder problems, be as open and honest as you can then hey will be able to get you the right help faster. Sometimes seeing a different neuro can be exactly what you need, someone with a differnt set of knowledge, interest etc could be very helpful! Good luck with your appointments, I hope they help asap! Keep in touch Clarexxx

Thanks guys! It always makes me feel better when I share. I will update you. Twist.