Not so Perfect Patient!

Hello anyone reading this! I have had a rather disappointing day. I have SP MS and my MS Nurse has been trying to encourage me to have some counselling to help me cope with the ups and downs of how I feel emotionally. I refused this but took him up on another suggestion for enrolling on a Perfect Patient course. I got my name down on the waiting list and at last I received a letter inviting me to enrol for one of a number of local courses. The Perfect Patient website has some testimonials from people with MS who had said it was useful and some of you who use this forum have also said it had helped you, so I was so glad when at last there was an opportunity to enrol on a convenient Saturday morning course over 6weeks, about 10 miles from my home.

To cut a long story short, I set off there this morning relying on the sat nav. to help me find my way. When I got there, there were two pleasant and friendly course leaders (both of them sufferers from chronic illnesses, although I don't know what), but only 4 out of the enrolled 20 people turned up! The course leaders said because of how the course is funded, they could not proceed with only 4. So we were turned away.

During the week they are going to contact the missing 16 and try to find out how many might come next week and depending on that a decision will be made about whether to start the course next week instead.

I am really disappointed. I thought this was just what I needed and I had looked forward to meeting new people and finding a bit of help with coping with all the MS related issues.

How can people say 'yes' then let everyone down by not appearing! My husband says it is because it was free - if people had had to pay, they'd have been more committed and would have turned up. For once something worthwhile was being offered and now this disappointment. Fingers crossed that more will commit and it will still happen .....


Hi Gill,

That sounded like such a good idea, what a shame that 16 people didn't turn up. I can feel your disappointment and I empathise with you. Maybe your husband was right about it being free, that's such a rareity these days. Don't give up hope maybe there were valid reasons as to why this occurred, not feeling good, difficulties in getting there could have been any number of reasons. But the least they could have done was to inform the people running it that they weren't coming after all. Good luck for next time. Keep well.

Janet x

Hi Gill.

Not sure why they canceled it, the room would have been paid for.

It is a good course, i found out when i done it a couple of years ago.

Hope you get the go ahead for next week.

Take Care.