Not MS but a fictional story I just wrote to cope with pain.

I have my blog My journey with MS, and been adding some light stories too it as a coping mechanisim to the pain i am experiencing now.

I have never really wrote before but would like to share this one.

Hope you enjoy it, its not long. But whilst you read it, know this, it took me over a week, i could barely see to write it lol (my eyesight was playing me up), my brain was mush, and the pain in my legs were on a 10, BUT I tell you what it really helped me to cope. Just writing is so cathartic.

almost a tear jerker.

really sweet with a happy ending.

“god bless you, one and all”

thank you zenda xx

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Hello there, move over Stephen King, there’s a new kid on the block, Brian

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shhhhh dont tell anyone but this actually happened well not the nun bit but the birds over the wall bit. I just wrote a story around it lol. My hubby god bless him he told me a few stories of his time as an engineer working within the poultry industry, some i could never write about too upsetting, but this one i thought i wonder what did happen to them lol…you could have ended up so many ways. Nuns i have no idea it just popped into my head lol. xx Maybe i need to change my meds ha ha. x

Hi, no need to change meds, just your habits, Brian

Hi CC,

Sorry to hear that you’ve not been so good of late but it’s great that you’ve found a way to cope with things.

I read this story this morning and I momentarily lost myself in it, it was such a lovely story with a nice, happy ending too.

Thank-you for sharing it with us :slight_smile:

Twinkle Toes x

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