Not long diagnosed

Diagnosed 5 months ago after knowing for a long time something wasn’t right. My only symptoms were weird head sensation and tiredness… Was told anxiety for months but knew it wasn’t. Since diagnosis I’ve been so much better as the not knowing was so stressful. In the last 2 weeks the tatigue is horrible. Just hits out if the blue like a brick wall. I’m fit and try to be positive as much as possible but the exhaustion is hard to battle. Not on Amy treatment as symptoms are not clinical significant enough!!! Any tips for the weariness. Lead a busy life with teenage kids so taking to my bed is not always an option mid afternoon…any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile: A

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

I’m afraid there are no simple solutions to fatigue :frowning: Both the MSS and the MS Trust do booklets about managing fatigue so it might be a good idea to have a look at them: a lot of it is common sense, like pacing ourselves, stopping before fatigue kicks in, prioritising and delegating, etc. There are also two meds that can help sometimes: amantadine and modafinil. Unfortunately, neither works for everyone and, even when they do, they rarely make fatigue go away completely :frowning: Two things that research has shown to help are regular exercise and CBT. I can vouch for exercise, but have never had CBT. I imagine that the booklets will explain it though.


Karen x

Thanks Karen, it’s funny you say that about the exercise cos on the days I train I probably never get the tiredness as bad. Will have a look at the booklets … trying to stay away from meds if I can and guess I should count myself lucky that fatigue is my only major complaint! Great to get an opinion from someone who knows how it feels!!! Thx again Annie

Hi Annie, Karen’s advice is spot on (as always ) and I just wanted to add; ensuring you have a good diet can also aid in keeping fatigue at bay (although I’m sure you’ve already got that one nailed). Also, I have a basket at the bottom of my stairs to put things in, which helps to limit the amount of times I have to trawl upstairs when my fatigue gets worse - little things like this can really make a difference on a bad day. I hope you’re feeling a bit better (lots better). Debbie xx

Thank you Debbie, sounds like good advice… actually feeling a lot better last couple of days. A:-))