Not just in my head- relief

Well, it’s not just in my head! I was beginning to wonder if I was just going doolally. The brain MRI has shown up abnormalities and inflammation, coupled with the evoked response thingy showing I have a bad leg and the spinal lesions I guess I’m on my way to a diagnosis. This is a relief - perhaps a strange reaction - but this whole process can leave you doubting what you actually feel. I’ll be happier once I speak to the MS consultant - yup - I’m actually being referred to the MS consultant! I’m uncertain how this will all pan out and I know none of you can answer this definitively, but, is there treatment to assist with ‘brain fog and fatigue’? Work is a nightmare for me - I’m even losing track in conversations. My GP did ask about retirement but I’ve got six years to go and a mortgage to prove it. Also - I always thought that exercise was good for you but even gentle walking makes my leg impossible to cope with and I end up stumbling and painfully slow, whilst the MS hug drives me crazy. Any tips?

I am so pleased you had some sort of diagnosis. I can only begin to imagine how much relief you now feel. It’s so odd that we all want to have the all clear but are all relieved t hear that it’s MS in a weird way. I hope that came across correct?!? Keep us updated on your journey as I am just beginning and would love t know how others who are similar to me are coping xx

Fatigue is a curse, but you need to pace yourself. There is not an actual cure but if when you feel “tired” have a rest then you find you can carry on. It’s not easy especially when you are at work. I find that I sit down and shut my eyes for about half a hour and then I am refreshed. Have you explained to your work this problem, they will understand, or should do.

unfortunately there is not a cure for the MS hug, just try and breathe deeply, sometimes if you are lucky it helps.

What you are feeling is quite normal as it is a relief to have a firm dx. I wish you the very best.



Thank you Sammy and good luck with your journey xx

I’m now signed off for three weeks for some rest and recuperation as the GP put it. Work unwilling to accommodate shorter hours for a while unless I take them without pay/sick pay. There’s no room in today’s target orientated workplace to be poorly! So - I shall rest for a few weeks and hope my hospital appointment comes through quickly.

Thank you, Janet, for your support. It’s good to have somewhere to turn to with people who do understand :slight_smile: