Not diagnosed or anything this is all new too me

Been reading through this for last hour or so now and its been great help you are all very strong minded people I feel like I’m crumbling after 3 months off hell.

I haven’t been diagnosed yet or even had the possibility off it being Ms by a professional yet
But last 3 months I’ve been suffering with abdominal tightness it can be sore sometimes but the last while loads off things have been happening like the pins and needles in left hand now it feels like my wee finger and ring finger is numb some days along with weird headaches I never really get a sore head ever tbh aswell as stiff neck, weird feeling in my jaw right side with right ear feeling not the same aswell the abdominal tightness was put down too anxiety at first now all these other things have happened I’m still waiting too see my GP due too covid my body ( torso area) has got a really bad tremor can anyone help or I’m I just going mad in the head

Also noticed last couple off days been waking up with a dead arm right side this is the latest symptom

You absolutely MUST get in to see your GP. Nothing else will happen without your GP driving it forward to the specialists.

Don’t panic, but do see your GP. Easier said than done, I know (on both fronts!)

You might find it helpful to write down a list of the strange symptoms, how long they stay for, dates etc.

Waking up with your arm having gone to sleep is a common problem and is most usually caused by sleeping in a position where your arm is bent and possibly wrist too so that it goes numb. Not something to worry about. You’ll need to try to teach yourself to learn to sleep in a different position, and maybe an orthopedic pillow can help. often people use their hand to prop their head. I know, I do it, and have just about taught myself to sleep in a position that doesn’t cause the numbness. The pillow has helped me.

Try looking at your sleeping position and see if that is the cause, but do talk to your gp about your other symptoms.

Will be on the phone too the GP tomorrow thanks for the reply I seen my GP at the start with the tightness in abdomin but he put this down too anxiety at first then it was maybe IBS ILi haven’t seen anyone say about tightness in the stomach yet has anyone had this going on with their other symptoms I’ve got a ultrasound booked here for the 29th so was hoping maybe it shed some light on what’s going on but now I think it might not show anything now.