Not coping well today

Hi guys and gals,

I am sorry to have a negative post but i am not coping very well today - and it’s only 10am :frowning:

Yesterday afternoon got a call from the gp surgery asking me to come in, as my blood test results have flagged up a problem (wouldn’t tell me what though) been trying all morning to get an appt - no success. Woke up in pain in all limbs, sinus pain,banging headache and my tremor is ridiculous. I just managed to feed the kids and walk them to school, have to pick them up in 2 hours and am on my own untill 7pm. Don’t have the energy to go out anywhere with them (don’t drive) so i know there going to be bored all afternoon.

Have to take the eldest to his new school tomorrow for a stay & play session, which i’m dreading - i struggle in big crowds to communicate and end up looking like an idiot - not the best start. Got lots of university study to do, but can’t concentrate at all. Waiting to hear about starting my rebif, but thinking it’s not a great idea until i get in to see my gp about the test results.

I don’t really know what i’m moaning about - just feeling overwhelmed and can’t stop crying. I am normally a positive person but today it feels too much. Need to buck up before i have to pick the kids up…sorry for ranting.

Laura x

Awww Laura

No need to apologise, you are normally such a positive person but sometimes this damned illness is overwhelming and we are all allowed to have bad days.

I agree about getting the test results before starting on the Rebif. You need to know what is wrong with your bloods first. Your surgery sounds as useless as mine. Keep badgering them until you get through and stress how important it is to get the results so you can start on the Rebif. I have a migraine this morning and as soon as I have dealt with the urgent stuff at work I’m going home and back to bed.

I honestly don’t know how any of you cope with littl’uns. I take my hat off to you all 'cos I know I wouldn’t be able to do it. Isn’t there anyone close by who could take them off your hands for a little while, maybe one of the mums at school?

I’m so sorry I can’t be more help, I just want to give you a because you’ve been there for me so many times in the past few weeks.

Chin up, tomorrow’s another day and things will probably look a whole lot brighter. In the meantime have a good cry and rant - it helps. Everyone always tells me I’m always positive - well that’s 'cos they don’t see the ‘behind closed doors’ me that gets scared and angry.


Tracey xx

I’m sorry to hear this, Laura.

It’s always worrying to get an unexpected call from the surgery. As they’re rarer than hens’ teeth, I was scared even to get a call to say I’d left my umbrella behind, or another time, that I’d won the teddy bear in the raffle! Without any dodgy blood tests that they won’t reveal the details of. :frowning:

I also know how hard it can be to get through for an appointment. You think: “Ah well, it’s only a phone call; why am I getting so wound up?” But when you’ve been trying every ten minutes for two hours, yet still haven’t managed to speak to anyone, what should have been a simple task becomes a major stressor.

Maybe it doesn’t affect “normies” this way, but I can get literally worn out from repeated unsuccessful phone calls, even without the effort of actually having to have the conversation.

It’s getting really bad! My mum, my sister and I all live in different parts of the country, yet ALL of us have had trouble getting a GP appointment when needed - either because of not being able to get through at all, or no available appointments when we do get through, or both.

Anyway, I hope, by the time I’ve finished writing this, you’ll have got through to them and secured an appointment.

Was it because of the Rebif you were being tested in the first place, or something else entirely?

Do consider contacting the Uni if you are struggling with the work. I know that flexibility on deadlines is one thing they didn’t seem able to offer - which surprised me. But, in general, they seemed desperate to support and encourage students with health problems. Perhaps just talking it over with one of their advisors would help?



Hi Laura, you`re entitled to vent now and then.

It helps when you are telling us, cos we know just what its like.

My usual positive slant on life took a hit yesterday. Today I feel fragile and battered.

I`ll bounce back soon and I know you will too, once you get those dmds inside you.

Look after yourself hun.

luv Polllx

Laura so sorry to hear you’re having a crap time too :frowning: maybe you could request a phone call from the doctor - that’s what I do if I can’t get in to them or can’t get an appointment - worth a try. If you need to chat or have a rant then give me a call anytime. As soon as we’re better we’ll go for a drink and have a proper rant about everything! stupid autoimmune conditions suck!!

Hi sorry your having a bad time,like Karina says it might be worth asking for a telephone consultation my gp is pretty good at this and will always call back the same day. Hope you get some answers soon. Karen x

Sorry you feel horrid and worried Laura. Sounds like you have an awful lot on your plate. No help but sending positive thoughts and a ((((((((hug)))))))). Hope tomorrow is brighter for you. Max xx

Hi everyone,

I have appeased the children with a teddy bears picnic and Mary Poppins (if only she were real!) Thanks for all your lovley comments - they have cheered me up :slight_smile: Apoligies for not replying to you individually, but i fear the Mary Poppins quiet will not last, so had better make it brief!

I originally went to the GP a couple of weeks ago after my gland in my neck swelled up to the size of a plum and was accompinied by night sweats and dizziness. She thought maybe i had an infection, checked urine which was fine so did the blood tests. Not sure what they will be showing, hopefully nothing too worrying - just annoying not being able to find out. Took until 11am to get through (to the ever charming receptionist) to be told there are no appointments left for today, but new ones will be released tomorrow morning. I will try again tomorrow and if i have no luck will ask about the phone appointment.

Have not heard about blood tests before starting on rebif, guess the nurse will explain it all to me…if i ever hear from her. The university have been very helpful and i don’t think i’m falling behind as it were, but just feel i should be giving it more effort/time/thought - not just see it as something else to worry about. Hard work life isn’t it?

I have done a lot of crying today and forgot how cathartic it can be, perhaps i need to do more of it! Massive thanks to you all, it makes such a difference to know you are all here, even though you all have your own issues to contend with, you still take the time to help.

Laura xx

What a lovely mum you are! Teddy bears picnic and mary poppins sounds like a fab afternoon. Hope you get an appointment soon and it’s nothing worrying x

Hello Laura

Definitely ask for a telephone consultation to get your results. I’ve had several telephone consultations with my GP since my dx of MS. Unless I actually need to see the GP the telephone consultations are a god send - particularly if I’m so exhausted that I can’t even get out of bed. My GP’s surgery also allows you to request a telephone conversation until 11am, whereas to book a face to face appointment I have to phone at 8am when the surgery opens (they’re normally fully booked by 10 past 8 though hahahaha).

Good luck with getting an appointment and like the others have said I hope it’s nothing to worry yourself about.

Take care

Pen xx

Hi Laura, good luck with getting an appt be it phone or in person. Hope you feel brighter tomorrow and it gets sorted quickly

Sharon xx

Hello Laura, Definitely request a telephone consultation if at all possible. Sounds like you have enough on your plate without exhausting yourself sitting at the surgery. Horrible when everything feels too much all at the same time, hope the tears have eased. We all have days like that - hope tomorrow feels better. Bea

Hi Laura,

Sorry you’re having a rough time, sending you best wishes and good thoughts